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  1. I get this error when i try launching the app,any fix? https://drive.google.com/open?id=12qj0eeczheUPQRel9Ib93_KjtnX0sKVD
  2. I did install it as an admin,also the fuelplanner,running it as an admin
  3. Hey,I just installed the aerosoft X extended bundle but when I try launching the fuel planner it just won't start,says stopped working then disappears...the flight recorder manager won't launch too,says a bug was found,,,how can I fix this please?
  4. how many frames do you get in PMDG NGX VC?
  5. is it possible though to have IA installed out of the main fsx disk and link the two
  6. I was wondering if I can install ### AI to a non fsx disk and link fsx to the disk to show the AI cause the disk where my fsx is installed doesn't have enough space for the AI.
  7. someone tell me virtual airlines using smartcars(TDFI)
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