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  1. Aerofly FS 2 - Just Flight - Turbo Arrow III / IV Available TODAY on Steam! The PA-28R Turbo Arrow III and Arrow IV are four seater, turbocharged piston-engine aircraft equipped with a retractable tricycle landing gear and constant-speed propeller – ideal for touring and instrument training. First available in 1977, the Turbo Arrow III was the first turbocharged variant of the PA-28R Arrow, retaining the conventional tail of the Arrow III and a new cowling which housed the six-cylinder turbocharged engine. The Turbo Arrow IV followed in 1979 and featured the distinctive T-tail which was common amongst other Piper aircraft. The aircraft are flown all around the world and this add-on reflects that global popularity. The product features ten liveries from the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. MODEL Accurately modeled PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III and PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV, built using real-world aircraft plans following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life Arrow III, G-BGKU, based at Conington Airfield Numerous animations, including multi-animation passenger door, cockpit window and sun visors 4096 x 4096 textures are used to produce the highest possible texture clarity Bump, specular, reflection and ambient occlusion mapping used throughout the aircraft for a truly 3D feel COCKPIT A truly 3D virtual cockpit right down to accurately modeled seat belts and screw heads - every instrument is constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations Cockpit textures feature wear and tear based on reference photos taken in the real aircraft to produce an authentic environment Different colour schemes for the Turbo Arrow III (grey/blue) and Arrow IV (tan/brown) Functional and comprehensive IFR-capable avionics fit including: - KMA 20 audio selector unit - GNS 530 unit including COM 1 / NAV 1 function - KN 62 DME unit which can display information from NAV 1, NAV 2 or its own inbuilt receiver (NAV 3) - Piper Autocontrol IIIB autopilot unit with navigation, heading and roll hold (no vertical control as in real world) - KT 76A transponder unit - KR 85 ADF unit with ADF/ANT/BFO modes - KX 175B COM 2 / NAV 2 radio Yoke-mounted flight timer/clock Independently operated left and right (standby) altimeter AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS Custom-coded fuel system Custom-coded electrical system with functional circuit breakers Realistic landing gear system with emergency release Functioning alternate air and static source controls LIVERIES The Turbo Arrow III is supplied in the following five paint schemes: N48427 (USA) D-ERMT (Germany) G-OBAK (UK) HB-PMB (Switzerland) VH-LLA (Australia) The Turbo Arrow IV is supplied in the following five paint schemes: D-EAIV (Germany) G-BOGM (UK) OE-KFT (Austria) OK-MAN (Czech Republic) N3023K (USA) OTHER FEATURES Realistic flight dynamics based on real world performance and handling data Authentic sound set by Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) Custom sounds for switches, doors, gear warnings and more Comprehensive manual with panel guide and performance data Get your copy today!
  2. Aerofly FS 2 Robinson R22 Helicopter Released Today on Steam! For those of you who have been patiently awaiting the release of the Robinson R22 helicopter the wait is over! Today marks the release of the much anticipated R22, the very first helicopter for Aerofly FS2. And just because the R22 is the first helicopter release for Aerofly FS2 doesn't mean that it will lack quality, quite the opposite actually. The quality and craftsmanship that was put into the development of the R22 surpasses anything ever developed before. The Robinson R22 also has physics that are so precise you would swear that you were flying the real bird, especially in VR. The Aerofly FS2 R22 was designed with the professional and novice in mind featuring both a beginner mode that provides more stability and balance when you fly allowing you to fly while enjoying the surrounding scenery, and a professional mode that handles just like the real life counterpart. Whichever mode you choose you can be sure that you will have the experience of a lifetime. Along with the release of the R22 comes an update which adds over 120 new heliports to the mix. You will find many new helipads in various locations on the map. Two of these new locations, Fort Jefferson at the Dry Tortugas, Florida and the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, New York are two examples that truly complement this new addition. We are confident that the R22 will add many new hours of excitement and exploration. How will you spend your time? Also in this update we have made further improvements, be sure to check out our CHANGE LOG on our Wiki for more information
  3. Here is another helpful hint for you in the 'did you know' series. In the A320, do you keep getting the message 'gear not uplocked' or 'gear not downlocked'? Be sure to retract the landing gear before you reach 260kts, otherwise the hydraulics are cut off.
  4. Greetings fellow flight simmers, For those of you waiting for the ORBX TrueEarth Netherlands DLC to come to Steam the wait is over! This new ORBX masterpiece scenery will be released on Steam shortly. Here is some information for those of you who haven't seen it before, as it's yet another wonderful scenery that truly captures the capabilities of the Aerofly FS 2 graphics engine. Expect to find extremely dense building & vegetation cultivation, incredible crisp terrain textures, and effortlessly smooth performance. Flying over the Netherlands is a joy - TrueEarth Netherlands contains the entirety of the country complete with cities, towns, and countryside all where they should be. The Netherlands, often referred to as Holland, is a country located in Western Europe. The five largest cities in the Netherlands are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht (forming the Randstad megalopolis) and Eindhoven (leading the Brabantse Stedenrij). The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and the world's largest outside Asia. Netherlands literally means “lower countries” - the name came from the country's low land and flat geography, with only about 50% of its land exceeding 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) above sea level. Since the late 16th century, about 17% of the country's current landmass has been reclaimed from the sea! TrueEarth Netherlands is far more than a traditional photoreal product, it features comprehensive (and complete) building and vegetation placements, thousands of hand-placed landmarks and POI and integrated GIS components.
  5. Did You Know? Welcome to our new 'Did You Know' series where you will get to know Aerofly FS 2 better and learn of things that you may not have noticed before. Aerofly has many features that we as developers may not have informed you of successfully, so we plan on taking the time to show off some of these features in a highlight released periodically. We hope that you get more out of your Aerofly experience with this plan. So here is your very first 'Did You Know': Did you know that you can preview the flight plan now from within the cockpit of the Airbus A320? When you rotate the knob for the navigation display mode to "PLAN" and then press the flight plan (F-PLN) page on the MCDU you can use the MCDU arrow keys to step through the remaining route. The MCDU shows you the planned altitudes as well as the calculated track for the legs and on the navigation display you chose to display the constraints now, too! That way you know which altitudes you need to dial in for the descent.
  6. Welcome to South Florida and the Florida Keys! Get your copy on Steam today! (Release times may vary) Prepare to feel the salty air on your face as you fly over some of the most beautiful scenery ever created in Aerofly FS 2. From the moment you take off from Miami International Airport on route to Key West you will be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the Keys as you follow the Overseas Highway over 40+ islands and some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. This scenery is a VFR pilots dream come true with detail lurking around every corner. With this scenery we took special care to capture the true feel of this location, and anyone that has visited the Florida Keys will quickly feel that special feeling of being there once again. Not only will you see eye popping visuals of high definition imagery spanning from the Dry Tortugas through Miami with 9 highly detailed airports, but this scenery will also come alive with the most cultivation ever seen in a single DLC scenery to date whether flying day or night! Be sure to take time to swim with the manatee at Fort Jefferson at the Dry Tortugas National Park on the island of Garden Key. This scenery will also take advantage of the upcoming R22 helicopter with a free helipad update allowing you to cover every inch of the islands low and slow, then land at one of two helipad locations. We hope that you enjoy our rendition of the Florida Keys and South Florida as much as we enjoyed making it for you! This South Florida DLC includes: A large coverage area with over 400 miles of shoreline to explore Up to 50cm per pixel aerial images at selected places Miami City and Miami Beach fully rendered in high definition The most cultivation ever seen in a single scenery package, including accurate night lighting 9 accurately modeled airports and 2 heliports (free update upon release of our R22); Key West International, NAS Key West, Marathon International, Tavernaero Air Park, Ocean Reef Club, Homestead ARB, Miami Executive, Miami International, Miami Opa Locka, Dry Tortugas National Park Helipad, and NAS Helipad. Many custom objects to capture the feel of the Florida Keys
  7. There is FULL cultivation throughout the entire scenery package. In fact it's the most cultivation ever seen in a DLC to date.
  8. Sneak Peek of our upcoming South Florida and the Florida Keys Scenery Package I wanted to give everyone a taste of what we are working on; that is a taste of fresh salty air! Coming soon you will experience what it feels like flying over some of the most beautiful locations around. The South Florida DLC will include all of the Florida Keys as well as South Florida, including Miami with full cultivation coverage! This scenery is has far too many special features to show them all in this sneak peek, but here is a tease of what's to come soon. Stay tuned for more.
  9. Major update moves out of beta Greetings fellow flight simmers, with your help over the past week we have been able to address most issues found with the new beta Vulcan rendering system; enough to now move this update forward out of beta. Aside from the new beta Vulcan renderer, this update is pretty big in terms of aircraft functionality. For those of you who haven't opted into beta to see an early glimpse of what this update included, you are in for a treat. Here is a complete list of fixes, changes, and overall improvements packed into this update. This list doesn't even show the amount of work that was involved by the entire team to get this out to you. We hope that you enjoy! * Fixed C90 throttle control with VR Hands * Fixed enabled VSYNC with Vulkan renderer * Fixed SteamVR with Vulkan renderer * Changed Lever behavior with multiple assignments * Fixed Flight info bar and HUD in pause and replay mode * Fixed C172 sound * Fixed F18 flap setting on approach * Added Cultivation files can reference XRef objects * Added New ( but experimental ) Vulkan renderer * Added New repaints for Learjet 45 and F4U Corsair * Added Option to turn off lens flare * Added Developer camera in public build ( Activate by pressing CONTROL+F8 ) * Changed Xref system now works world wide * Added All aircraft (except MB339 and F15e) now have all switches, levers and buttons almost fully interactive including sounds, but many of them have no function yet. Emergency related items were left away. * Added Most yokes can be hidden by clicking their base or center. * Added Canopies, windows and doors can now be opened in some aircraft. * Changed Hitboxes for switches are more precise and move with the switch which improves the precision for VR hands and for the mouse cursor. * Fixed Several knobs turned in the wrong direction or were too sensitive when using VR hands, this was corrected. * Added Advanced Autopilot disengages when controls are deflected. * Added Advanced Autopilot now levels off at altitude constraints. * Added Advanced Autopilot now features back course localizer capture and tracking. * Added Advanced Autopilot predicts localizer overshoot and increases bank angle as needed. * Added A320 twenty-two new MCDU pages with varying functionality. For example; the performance pages work almost completely and allow to set the v-speeds, acceleration and thrust reduction altitudes, climb/cruise/descent speeds, decision heights, etc., pages related to editing the flight plan are not functional yet, so no direct to or waypoint editing yet. * Added A320 PFDs and NDs show red flags when ADIRS's (or parts of them) are selected to off, manual source reversion is also implemented, fly by wire is also affected. * Added A320 fly-by-wire direct law and alternate law (finally fly a roll or looping with the A320), ADIRS and ELAC/FAC/SEC flight control computers can be switched off which can cause some flight control surfaces to become unavailable. * Changed A320 fly-by-wire improved handling qualities with more accurate roll rate, correct long-term bank attitude hold even with asymmetric thrust, better compensation for speed and configuration changes and quicker turn correction for better flight path stability, smoother takeoff rotation. * Changed A320 improved engine sound mapping with more effects like louder fan buzzing, burner sound and whining on approach (no new engine sound recordings). * Added A320 wind sounds for spoilers, flaps and gear, more advanced landing gear extension/retraction sound, cabin chime and more. * Added A320 windows can be opened, tables can be pulled out, standby compass can be dropped down, sun shades can be set down, doors can be opened (not all clickspots for the doors are in reach). * Added A320 PFD shows status of fly-by-wire control law including advisories to use manual pitch trim. * Added A320 ND shows speed and altitude constraints along the route and highlights currently tuned VORs or NDBs, route waypoints can be stepped through in PLAN mode, TCAS rose is displayed when on. * Changed A320 less drag in clean configuration, more drag with flaps out for a more realistic deceleration on final. * Added A320 autopilot vertical speed protection mode that obeys vertical speed target to keep airspeed within safe range. * Added A320 autopilot climb mode protection which activates when flying into overspeed and causes the auto-thrust to revert to speed mode to prevent further acceleration. * Changed A320 autopilot SRS mode only engages with flaps extended. * Added A320 single engine operations with auto-thrust (set thrust lever to MCT detent). * Added A320 flaps are not extending when too fast (cruise lock). * Added A320 gear can't be operated above 260kts, ECAM warnings show up when attempted otherwise. May require to circle the gear lever to reset the faults. * Added A320 brakes get hot after landing and can be cooled with the brake fans or by flying with gear extended. * Added A320 several new ECAM warnings. * Changed A320 more realistic approach category display. * Changed A320 more realistic flight warning computer flight phase switching. * Added A320 preliminary APU and ground power (when parking brake set). * Added A320 PFD, ND and ECAM boot sequence. * Added A320 pilot loud speaker knob changes volume of altitude callouts. * Changed A320 ECAM wheel page was overhauled. * Fixed A320 climb detent now snapping better when thrust levers are retarded. * Fixed A320 initialization on runway less bouncy. * Fixed A320 higher texture resolution of the overhead annunciator lights. * Added LJ45 new repaints. * Added LJ45 full electric system featuring a dark cockpit and incl. preliminary ground power which is available when parking brake set. * Added LJ45 fuel system including gravity feeding from fuselage tank (currently already empty) - no weight loss or engine failure simulated yet. * Fixed LJ45 wind sounds for spoilers, gear and windshield were missing a file and are audible now. * Changed LJ45 3D model refined (e.g. cockpit coloring). * Changed LJ45 flight model slightly (pitch down moment from engines reduced, pitch rate is dampened better, pitch trim values more realistic). * Added LJ45 master warning, master caution and crew warning panel (CWP) which shows indicates emergency battery draining warning, reverser unsafe warning, entry door warning and others. * Added LJ45 annunciator test. * Added LJ45 door can be opened, sun shades, glarshield can be pulled out. * Added LJ45 thrust lever detents and engine rating readout on EICAS. * Changed LJ45 new reverser logic with appropriate status readouts on EICAS and warnings on CWP. * Added LJ45 secondary pitch trim: set switch to "SEC" before using the pitch trim selector on the pedestal. * Added LJ45 steering can be disabled by pressing the autopilot disengage button or key, can be enabled with the nose wheel steering button near the gear lever. * Added Q400 head up guidance system (HGS). * Fixed Q400 both condition levers can be moved together with VR hands or right mouse button held down. * Added Q400 engine relight is available in the air when fuel cut off was selected accidentally and condition levers are moved back to the start/feather position or above. * Added Q400 engine torque overtravel for up to 125% emergency power when levers are moved with VR hands or mouse (may happen on accident when throttle axis is slammed forward or when throttle was not at idle when aircraft is loaded). * Changed Q400 propeller feathering is now slower which is more gentle to the passengers and removes transient over-torque. * Added Q400 emergency/parking brake can be pulled to an intermediate setting. * Fixed Q400 clean state bleeds are on and windshield is heated, engine de-rates are now correctly selected. * Added Q400 started work on electric system (with only minimal effect on existing systems so far). * Added B737 ADF tuning. * Added B737 radar decision height can be set with "push to set" button on radar altimeters. * Added B737 windows can be opened. * Added B737 annunciator test, yoke memory unit, yoke checklists, altitude alert. * Added B737 preliminary APU implementation and ground power (available when parking brake set). * Added B737 manual electric bus transfer (no effect but looks and sound cool). * Added B737 metal bar to set all landing lights on. * Added B737 autopilot trim can be disabled. * Fixed B737 autobrake warning now showing more accurately. * Fixed B737 was rolling to the side at low speeds. * Fixed B737 tiller was oriented the wrong way. * Changed B737 flight model setup was improved, maximum thrust now more accurate, a lot more drag with flaps out and less drag in clean config, slower stall speed with flaps full. * Added B747 radio navigation page with similar functions like the existing A320 radio navigation page. * Added B747 annunciator test. * Added B747 yoke checklists. * Added B747 upper and lower rudder work independently. * Added F18 E-bracket shown on HUD when gear extended. * Added F18 HUD displays flight path ladder or pitch ladder depending on several different factors, the display will appear off-center during crosswind. * Added F18 HUD reject mode to declutter the view. * Added F18 HUD radar/baro switch including warning when radar is selected above 5000ft. * Added F18 approach lights on nose gear strut (red/yellow/green depending on angle of attack). * Added F18 throttle lever stop at full military thrust. * Added F18 canopy can be opened. * Added F18 wing fold can be stopped at intermediate position (HOLD). * Fixed F18 slight issue with the autopilot modes not being displayed properly on the up front controller (UFC). * Added Pitts engine can be turned off and back on. * Added Pitts full electric system. * Added Pitts canopy can be opened. * Added B58 landing gear cannot be retracted with idle power, throttle has to be advanced in order to retract the landing gear - just like in real world aircraft (it's a feature not a bug!). * Added B58 gear up warning annunciator when flaps full and gear up or when throttle at idle. * Added B58 annunciator light test. * Fixed B58 flap deflect 30 degrees. * Fixed B58 landing gear sound no longer triggered when aircraft loaded. * Fixed C90GTx landing gear sound no longer played when aircraft loaded. * Fixed C90GTx now has only three flap positions: Up, Approach, Down. * Added C90GTx annunciator test and landing/taxi switch warning when gear up and lights still on. * Added C90GTx detents on power lever. * Fixed C90GTx autopilot vertical speed target was going off the scale. * Changed C90GTx reduced altitude callout volume. * Added Extra route and waypoint overlay to moving map. * Added Extra canopy can be opened. * Added F4U new repaints. * Added F4U tail wheel lock. * Added F4U canopy can be opened. * Changed F4U removed gun sight. * Added F15e throttle lever military thrust stop. * Fixed F15e autopilot toggles between steering modes. * Fixed F15e parking brake on appropriate switch (on the right side). * Added P38 parking brake. * Fixed P38 flight physics changed to allow for a main wheel landing (already published in a recent update, not yet mentioned previously). * Changed P38 removed gun sight. * Added C172 doors and windows can be opened and cause drag in flight. * Fixed C172 flap lever hitbox is larger and now easier in VR. * Fixed C172 GPS approach no longer shown as armed. * Added MB339 independent frequencies front and rear. * Added MB339 control shift added to determine if pilot or copilot is master over the navigation receivers. * Added MB339 HSI source can be changed to show deviation from route, autopilot uses the current deflection and follows it (route can be flown by autopilot). * Added ASG29 more information on the digital display: ground speed, ground track and air temperature. * Added ASG29 sliding window and canopy can be opened (may cause drag in flight, so leave it closed...). On behalf of the entire IPACS team, thank you for your continued support. We aren't finished just yet!!
  10. New update released today! You have provided us with your bug reports from the latest released update and we listened. A new update (version has been posted to our beta channel today. This update fixed some of the commonly mentioned bugs reported by the community. This update addressed the following issues: * Fixed enabled VSYNC with Vulkan renderer * Fixed SteamVR with Vulkan renderer * Changed Lever behavior with multiple assignments * Fixed Flight info bar and HUD in pause and replay mode * Fixed C172 sound * Fixed F18 flap setting on approach * Added Cultivation files can reference XRef objects As always, please let us know of any bugs that you may find related to these fixes, and thank you all for being loyal supporters of Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator.
  11. Major Update Approaching Gate! Greetings Flight Sim Enthusiasts, after a lot of hard work our next big update is preparing to land, gears down and cleared to land! This update will not only include a completely rebuilt graphics engine that will provide you with better performance with the standard OpenGL rendering engine but we now introduce the all new 'beta' Vulkan rendering engine that can yield even more performance. We have also included a new 'High AA' setting that can be enabled only with the Vulkan renderer at this time. This new graphical setting can provide you with an even crisper image than before. Please remember that the Vulkan renderer is beta and will be improved as we move forward. This new update not only improved what's under the hood but we have also made a lot of improvements to the Aerofly FS 2 aircraft fleet. We have also listened to community requests and have made some changes to reflect those requests as well. For a complete changelog visit our WIKI Here is just a small highlight of what's packed into this update! * We added an option to turn off lens flare * Added developer camera support * Added the ability to hide most yokes by clicking on or touching the base * Improved precision when using VR Hands and mouse cursor * In the A320 we added twenty-two new MCDU pages with variing functionality * Windows and doors can be opened and closed in some aircraft. You have to try the Cessna; don't forget to unlatch the lock! * Added many new autopilot features * Added some new aircraft liveries * Added a new Q400 head up guidance system (HGS) that can drop down by turning the hinge * Added a lot of new overall functionality in most aircraft; too much to list here! We will continue to work hard adding more features and functionality in future updates. As always, we thank you for your overwhelming support while we all work towards the best flight experience around! We are confident that this update will improve the overall Aerofly FS2 experience and begin building upon a whole new level of quality and control. This update will be released on Steam in the public beta channel first so be sure to opt into beta in Steam to receive this update. The update will be open in Steam shortly.
  12. Big Update coming Soon! Greetings fellow flight simmers, Yes I know it's been a while between our last update and now but we had a lot of work to do internally to prepare for this upcoming update. I'm talking a complete overhaul of the OpenGL graphics rendering engine as well as the beta introduction of an all new Vulkan rendering engine which has shown in our tests that it greatly improves the performance of Aerofly. Just when you thought that we couldn't get even more performance, we managed to improve! What would be an update without improvements to our aircraft fleet as well. This update packs a big punch in this respect with improved aircraft functionality. The change log for this update has never been this big before so look out for major improvements to all of the aircraft. We have all been working very hard and this update will clearly show that. With the changes that had to be done, it took quite a long time to get right, so we hope that you enjoy this upcoming update. This update is looking good and is approaching final, but give us just a little bit more time to run some final tests on it and we will get it into your hands soon!
  13. DrHotwing1


    The R22 is coming along very nicely. We are also working on completing the Florida Keys DLC, and since It's my pet project, I can assure you that it will fully capture Florida in a way never seen before. This and a release of some new features will show the community that we are here to stay.
  14. DrHotwing1


    We don't need to be awaken> What you do sometimes causes us to take time away from working on the development of Aerofly to feel like we have to defend our product, which is counter productive IMO. We aren't lying about working hard on development, us being quiet actually means that we are working hard.
  15. DrHotwing1


    Guys, if you follow our official Aerofly FS 2 forum you will know that we are still very strong with both sales and development. We are a small team - YES, We move a little slow getting updates out - YES, but we will continue to develop and we will continue to release updates regardless of the words that some have written here, and how some of you have written us off.
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