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  1. Hi I'm having a bit of a baffling issue here. I've been using UK2000 scenery for Gatwick, Stansted, Birmingham etc, and they were previously fine. I've been mainly flying US airports recently, so I'm not sure exactly when this issue has occurred, but the lights/placement of everything seems to be a few metres out. For example if I just load a default aircraft and put it on the active runway, it will be offset to the left hand side, and runway lights/papis etc all shifted too. I've been trying to debug it, I understand it's likely a problem with clashing AFD/AFCAD files, but I'm not sure exactly where to look. I recently had to reinstall SODE (I had another issue with jetways at other airports) and wonder if that may have something to do with it?). Any suggestions what to do? - Paul
  2. Thanks. Got them working with the uninstall/reinstall thanks. However have managed to break so much other stuff (Linda, Rex etc) that it looks like I'm going to have do a full install again. Lesson learnt the hard way. Client only in the future.
  3. We finally bit the bullet today and installed the 4.2 update using the modular method that is supposed to work and leave everything in place... (Client, content and scenery). Get the feeling perhaps I should have only installed the client as now my pmdg aircraft aren't working. They're missing when I open P3D, however all the PMDG folders/files seem to still exist. In the Ops Centre I get the message "Please note: You have installed a version of this PMDG product..." etc as if it's pointing at the 4.1 version still and can't find It???? Anyone got any ideas/assistance? Edit: I tried both installers using repair option and still no luck... - Paul Smith
  4. Thanks for the suggestions - I've tried the repair option but still not showing. Going to try in the PMDG forum to see if there's anything more I can do.
  5. Also I think Rex Skyforce has also disappeared too...does this need a reinstall?
  6. I finally bit the bullet and did the 4.2 update - the three parts, client, content and scenery. I understood that this shouldn't have affected most of the add ons - except scenery ones? I've updated the orbx scenery and that seems fine, but the pmdg aircraft have disappeared although all of the folders/files are there as I would expect. Do I actually have to uninstall and reinstall all of this? I'm feeling like I've done something wrong or I'm missing a step in the update? Can anyone assist?
  7. I hate to be yet another person complaining about stutters but here goes... We recently decided to treat ourselves to the christmas present of P3d v4, and consequently we decided to upgrade our computer at the same time after years of fighting FSX... Our machine is as follows (this will become more important I promise...) i7700k (overclocked), GTX 1080 (not the 1080TI), 256GB SSD (with Windows preinstalled) and 4 TB WD HDD (5400rpm according to stats). P3D is installed onto the HDD as I understand it mainly affects the load times (and from what I've seen this does appear to be true - there is very little disk activity once running). I do realise some parts still get installed to the C drive and this may be wherein my problem lies... In terms of add-ons - we gradually added ORBX Base Pack, with no noticeable issues. PMDG 737 NGX, followed by GSX (for Ground Services) - again no noticeable problems and each addon was tested for a few flights before adding the next. FSUIPC and Linda also have been added. Up to this point all was fine. We then added Edit VoicePacks for the ATC and this is where things seem to be now going wrong. We installed to the E drive along with everything else - but it seems that now we are getting noticeable lags when ATC or for that matter other traffic are talking. What generally seems to be the case is that I see a very brief 0.1Mbps Disk activity and a related stutter. The next few calls will be fine and there will be no issue (so I presume it preloads a number of calls and responses). Then (normally after the next pause in comms chatter), I'll see another stutter. I'm at my wits end trying to resolve this - I looked at a number of possible solutions including turning off Nvidia HD Sound in the Device manager, and assuming at first it was perhaps frame rate related and playing with a number of settings etc. Currently on the ground I get anywhere between about 25-50 fps depending on scenery density, and in the air, sometimes up to about 70fps, and over 130fps if I view outside of the aircraft. I'm almost certain it's related to the read of the disk and the Edit VoicePacks install now. Obviously I've tried to uninstall Edit VoicePacks which seems to have gone, but the voices haven't - so I'm guessing the uninstall isn't working correctly either. But before I tear my hair out completely - has anyone encountered anything similar? Have any solutions? I'm wondering if reinstalling everything to the SSD will make a difference in this situation (perhaps just leaving very large scenery packs on the E drive) - as I say there definitely seems to be a disk read taking place at the same time as the stutter, but I never encountered this with FSX on a much less powerful machine, so I'm stumped as to why I'm suffering this now! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, apologies for the long post! Trying to get all the required details (although I'm sure I've missed something out!!)
  8. Many thanks for the warm welcome and the suggestion of FSXWX - I will look into it. Obviously as this would affect FSOpen Clouds reputation, I am updating this post accordingly - as it would be unfair of me not to. After reading your response, I finally decided to open a PayPal dispute, and very promptly received not only an apology for not receiving the key, but also an extra month extension on my subscription which was very much appreciated! As such I am now more than happy to endorse that as you say - the software is up and running and working well. Off to investigate FSXWX now - thanks again for the information and assistance.
  9. Apologies slight newbie here - have hunted around and not found any reports of issues but was hoping someone might be able to assist... We've been trying to get AS16 working, but after a config file rebuild and trying all the fixes we've found online regarding firewall/anti-virus exception rules, we're still getting a "known" crash where it can't load ambient weather. Frustrating as it is, we just can't seem to resolve it, so we've reverted back to FSOpen Clouds, which we realised we needed a new licence key for, so we've been onto the website and paid £5 for a yearly subscription. Yet we've not received the licence key. I've chased their email and also messaged via their facebook page, and have still not yet received a reply/response let alone the licence key. I know it's only £5, but does anyone know if this product is still functioning, and has anyone else encountered issues? I fully understand people have lives away from the software etc they have created - I don't expect an immediate response - just wanted to check if I'm wasting my time trying to chase this? If so - can anyone recommend any other alternative weather programmes that might work?
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