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  1. Okay guys. So... I just couldn't leave it, having in mind that I could help the developers to find the issue easier. I installed the out of date 777 base and when the operation center opened I had 2 notifications: 1. to update the Operation Center (could update from within the program) 2. to update PMDG 777 (Full installer download required) - didn't update it PMDG 777 P3Dv4 ---> Livery Downloader ----> PMDG 777-200LR ---> Emirates Did install it without any errors! This makes me think that there is something wrong with the new 777base installer and not the Operation Center.
  2. I filed a ticket too a few hours ago. Hopefully they will come up with a fix for this as it seems that quite a few of us have it and start to think that only those haven't got it who haven't updated their 777s.
  3. I just had a look and I've got an old installer (v1.10.8378) on my laptop. This is for the 777 base. Is it worth copying it onto my pc and install it or will it not be compatible?
  4. I just had a look and I've got an old one (v1.10.8378) on my laptop. This is for the 777 base. Unfortunately I haven't got the 77W installer backed up. Is it worth copying it onto my pc and install it or will it not be compatible?
  5. Is there a way to get hold of one of the out of date (the one before this) installers and try to install those. Might be working with not the latest installer. Could give a try if there is a possibility.
  6. Head over to this topic guys. It's already looked into:
  7. To be honest I can't remember in which order I uninstalled it for the first time and that is why I tried it for the second time making sure to uninstall the expansion first and then the base. Still no luck.
  8. I uninstalled everything at once in Control Panel and then installed everything one by one, starting with the 737-8/900 then expansion 6/700, 747-400, and then 777 base and 777 expansion. The 777s do come up in the aircraft selection but obviously only with PMDG liveries. The other ones are fine. I'm flying the KLM 747 right now. It's just the 777s.
  9. I've never had any migration tool on my pc. It's a newly built rig and used only p3dv4 updated add-ons, everything was working until I made a clean reinstall of the PMDG products and all the others are working except 77L and 77W.
  10. No Migration Tool used, only P3d v4 compatible add-ons.
  11. Same here. Tried deleting all the left over files after uninstalling from control panel. Still no luck. All 737s are working, 747 is fine too, it's only the 777s which are showing this error message: "Livery not found in aircraft.cfg after it should have been added".
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