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  1. Hello sorry for my English, I have a problem with the pmdg 737/800 ngx I make a simple flight only with vectors of the simulator atc prepar 3d v4.2. in the proximacion to any intercept track the locator without problems the problem is that I never intercept the glide path and it only happens to me with this plane my speed is 180 and flap 15 sorry for my ignorance but I am new this passionate world a greeting and thx in advance
  2. Thanks PMDG for the update of the pmdg 777 / 200lr for the clients of aerosoft is already available for download in their accounts of aerosoft greetings
  3. hi I understand what it says perfectly but understand that for me that I have the most planes pmdg the 737/800/900 777/200/300 and not being able to enjoy them in the new prepar 3d v4 is something frustrating a greeting again
  4. Aerosoft sends me by mail that as of today June 16, 2017 has not received any installer of pmdg of the products 777/200 and for this reason can not be loaded on the servers of aerosoft and the customers that we have bought pmdg via aerosoft that we have The same right as the others we can not enjoy this product that we have bought and we still can not fly in prepar3d v4 with pmdg
  5. Thanks for replying I hope to enjoy the pmdg products in the new simulator as soon as possible a greeting
  6. Hello sorry for the impatience I have three products of pmdg the 737/800 / 900ngx the 777/200 and 777/300 and neither can I enjoy any of them since the 30th of May I buy prepar 3d v4 se that the 777/200 already You have the compatibility for v4 but I buy it by aerosoft today in theory it is the deadline of June 15 so that the installers can download from aerosoft my question is if it is possible a greeting
  7. You will be satisfied but those who buy pmdg in aerosoft to a we are flying with planes of defect of p3d v4
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