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  1. Is it available somewhere? @KORDATC Great news! Thnx in advance!
  2. Hello all I would like to learn how to fl this beauty. Is there a pdf flight tutorial available?
  3. That did the trick! Thnx, it's solved now
  4. Since installing v4.1 i have a strange scenery error when applying SSAA. The ground turns from normal to black and back to normal. In MSAA i have no problems. You can see it in de video here: Things i have tried already: Fresh install of v4.1 (problem remains, also in default scenery) Reinstalled nvidea drivers Reinstalled ORBX scenery Does anybody have a clue?
  5. http://imgur.com/Qix5uwa With new nvidia drivers, the nosecone is still missing in VC view
  6. likewise problem here. In cockpitview there is no nose visible when i move forward over the mcp....
  7. same problem here. No update available for OP Center..... (location The Netherlands)
  8. After applying the hotfix, there is a mention of 'developer license' in my top right corner of the sim. How do I get rid of it? (P3D Professional License)
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