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  1. This has happened several times since the upgrade (although for me I skipped from, so not sure where the bug was introduced). Upon landing and exiting runway, reporting "Clear of active", the Tower hands me off to Ground. When I give my normal request for gate (generically or a specific gate), P2A does not respond and locks. It will not even respond to a radio check. This has also happened at the beginning of a flight a couple of times (but not every time), again with Ground, when announcing "Ready to Taxi" when leaving the gate. Response to pushback and engine start request is normal. Rolled back to and issue is gone.
  2. Dave, a thought/request: In real life there is no regular radio communication when over the Atlantic. VHF is out of range, and you get assigned an HF frequency/code in case the Gander or Shanwick controllers need to get a hold of you, but that is rare. It would be cute to simulate the radar services terminated and HF coverage hand-off, but would it be possible to at least eliminate ATC VHF frequency communication while over the Atlantic? It's more realistic, and it also reduces the regular need to acknowledge and execute frequency changes dozens of times while over the ocean. As a footnote, I noticed that I am being handled by Gander Center all the way across the Atlantic. While VHF really doesn't happen in the real world, if it must continue in P2A, can Shanwick Center be made to handle communication east of the Molson-Gusiness line (30°W)?
  3. ...and this artifact is happening randomly. Without any detected difference in speech recognition or anything else, sometimes I'm asked to "Maintain Flight Level xxx", and other times a simple "Radar Contact" is given.
  4. When reporting to new ATC controller while already established at cruise altitude, the new controller directs pilot to maintain the flight level already established and reported. For example: P2A: Wizard One Golf Mike Contact NEW YORK Center on One Three Three Point Three Five have a nice day Pilot: Center on One Three Three Point Three Five Wizard One Golf Mike (Freq Change) Pilot: Wizard One Golf Mike With you at Flight Level Three Seven Zero P2A: Wizard One Golf Mike good evening . Radar Contact. Maintain Flight Level Three Seven Zero Pilot: Maintain Flight Level Three Seven Zero Wizard One Golf Mike This additional communication is not realistic and did not happen in earlier versions of P2A... not sure where it got introduced. And, yes, if anybody asks, I'm on 29.92 STD barometer.
  5. Dave, something I noticed on this subject that might help find the source of the bug... For me, at least, the missed co-pilot freq changes seem to occur when the new frequency has a zero just to the left of decimal point. For example: 134.70 no problem 125.00 no problem 123.85 no problem 120.15 frequency change doesn't happen
  6. With FPL window open, I close P2A. When I launch P2A again, FPL windows is off... does not remember "on" state as it did in prior versions.
  7. That's way too long. My recognition is virtually instantaneous. Have you gone through a few iterations of the speech training within Windows and within P2A? I'm guessing the delay is due to your system not able to process your voice quickly...and probably needs training.
  8. Even though I found the issue, I cannot figure out how to remedy. Dave, is this something within P2A perhaps? Or is there an obscure Windows setting for these standard sounds somewhere??
  9. Found the issue... it is related to the "Speech Recognition Tone" option under Btns tab in Configuration window. Selecting it causes the volume decrease when the tone plays. Deselecting it causes the issue to disappear.
  10. Weird phenomenon... Whenever I get P2A ATC speech, my Windows sound level for the P2A application is dropped to 60% of maximum. I noticed this right after the new AIRAC format revision (, so this may be a new bug. Before reporting it as such, seeing if anyone here has this issue. Further details... This happens with my headset (logitech G933) or system speakers, so it's not related to a particular sound device. In the example below, I set the general volume level of the headset to 50% and the P2A application level to match it at 50%. With any audio from P2A, the level instantly drops to 30%. If the general and app levels are at 100%, the app level instantly drops to 60%., etc. And yes, if I set the app volume at a lower level, such as 20%, the volume will instantly jump to the 60% of maximum level. I have checked and tried all Windows related options in Sound settings, including disabling volume suppression for communication. Anybody else getting this? Ideas? As an aside, when I open the COM frequency adjustment window (by clicking on STBY channel), I see Volume "Mute", "Dn", and "Up" buttons, but these do not seem to affect the volume at all. Is there another place for volume to controlled/enabled within P2A that I have not yet found?
  11. Thank you for the reply, Dave. I suspected what you wrote to be the case. It seems I've stepped into the P2A world in the middle of its evolution. Understanding the core element is ATC, the flight planning tools that have been included to date are very nice. Glad more growth in that area is on the dream sheet. Keep up the good work...it's a great companion to XP11.
  12. Thanks, Dave. It's how I've been using them together and it seems to be working well (except the duplicate ATIS, which I've learned how to deal with).
  13. As a follow up on this topic... is it possible for the SIM weather to be created by P2A (via XPUIPC or FSUIPC perhaps)? I'm on XP11
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