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  1. I updated now to the latest version of p3d the immersion 747 fixed the fs2crew not... what do you suggest ?
  2. but I heared that it can cause to problems with the sceneries and another addons... are you sure that there is no problems with this version ? not with the sceneries and not with anything else ?
  3. put p3d v4.4 is not related to fs2crew its related to the aircraft itself and if it works fine so the addon should work too..
  4. http://prntscr.com/m4h6qz do you want to try to check the problem with team viewer ?
  5. I think that I didnt explained my self good enough the problems that I mentioned is not for every one they only for 4.0-4,3 users so if you have p3d v4.4 so everything should work great for you the problem is that as many users in the world I dont want to update my p3d to this version becouse it steel have many bugs with scenerys and addons. you can read about what I said here : and can you explain again about the file that you mentioned? becouse I dont know what is it
  6. they released an update before few days and many users in the world reported that the aircraft crashes,not behaving like activated and more problems becouse of the update. so they said that they working on solution for the problems that I said but I fixed it in my PC so I dont realy know what to tell you becouse al the other versions of fs2crew works for me only this aircraft doing problems. this is the post that they explain more about what i said now, but what do you suggest me to do now ?
  7. yes I fully remvoed all the aircraft's addons- immersion and fs2crew later on I removed the aircraft from control panel then I went to sim object folder and deleted all 747's files. and reinstalled everything again. thats what i deleted : is there more folders that I had to remove ? http://prntscr.com/m4g9eh
  8. have this issue too. I did what you said and nothing changed... PMDG said that thry have a problem with this airplane to the 4.0-4.3 vertions But again , I did all what you said here and the problem didnt solve
  9. its hard to belive that its somthing with my video drivers becouse when HDR is on its better but i will give it a try
  10. ok I will give it a try is this should to fix the lights problem ?
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