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  1. So I bought Airhauler 2 for MSFS and wanted to import my Carenado Skylane into Airhauler 2. Unfortunately Carenado are locking the Flight CFG and calling it aircraft.loc and hence your unable to import the aircraft into Airhauler 2. But in Prep3d you can import Carenado aircraft into Airhauler 2 for Prep3d. Can this be rectified? Otherwise I wont be buying any further aircraft from Carenado since they wont work in Airhauler 2.
  2. I can't even get the Walkaround page showing up in my A2A aircraft.Pressing 4 for me does absolutely nothing.
  3. For the life of me I can't get any walk arounds working on my A2A aircraft. If I press 4 nothing happens.So I have been flying A2A aircraft in Chaseplane without the feature. Is there a control I need mapped in P3dv4 that I may have wiped?
  4. Thanks guys. I'll contact direct support then.
  5. I just bought my first PMDG product the DC-6 and so far the experience hasn't been good.My excitement has disappeared and my frustrations have left me peeved. I need help.I've spent hours now trying to get this download to finish.Most of the download completes.My troubles start as soon as the Opscenter updater comes on screen.It just won't work. I have no antivrus running. These are the errors showing up Download Failed "settings.dat"has failed to download after 3 attempts "change.txt"has failed to download after 3 attempts "Product Module 737NGX P4D.dll"has failed to download after 3 attempts "747 QOTSII XSE.dll"has failed to download after 3 attempts. Each time I run the updater I get these errors.So I tried 3 times now to do a repair install. Same issue all the time. The last message of updater said the program was now upto date. But there is still no Opscenter.exe on my PC and no mention of PMDG in the Start list on my windows 10. The PMDG Opscenter folder in the C: drive only has the Opscenter updater.exe,a PMDG icon and a PDF manual. I have started up P3dv4 and included the serial number and the plane loads up in the game. But no Opscentre.exe Should I remove this install and redownload the file.Though I guess it would be the same file. Anyone out there that can offer some help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. So I bought the C310 II. It was my mistake looking at the Aerosoft site and seeing P3D 3.4 (and Above) ready, thinking above meant v4. I still don't know what the word "above" is actually meaning in the sales description. So I've been looking daily for over a month now waiting patiently for the day I can fly this plane. So I noticed Carenado have updated their version of the c310 II now to v4. Can we have finally some news on progress to V4 from Alabeo?
  7. I'm having this issue too with A2A C172 walk around. But as well with Just Flight/Aerosoft Twin Otter extended is having issues with it's quick layout too. Pressing the Twin Otter quick layout sections brings up areas that aren't linked. eg clicking the overhead control view on the quick layout will bring up say the throttle area. Everything doesn't match. Edit: I reinstalled the A2A C172 and I have no menu's showing when pressing Shift+3-7.If I show the menu on top of page of P3DV4 I can access A2A Warehouse etc via Vehicle Menu.But no walk around.I can't get it showing using the Hot Keys. As well I reinstalled Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended and it's quick layout doesn't correspond still with Chasseplane.
  8. Every start up I'm getting this cfg issue.I think it has to do with A2A,Milviz and others having their cfg in a different location.Some are inside the main Prepar3d folder,some cfg found in the documents/Prepar3dv4 addons folder.The one's that are in the Prepar3dv4 addons folder in documents also have a file pointing to them in the roaming folder in the addons cfg.Do you think the roaming folder is where Chase plane is requiring admin rights? Also I'm having lots of issues in V4. eg After changing aircraft in and out adding copied profiles to similar models after a while everything locks up.I have to restart both P3dv4 and Chaseplane.Then everything works fine transferring and modifying the profiles to fit each plane but again I'll go to load a new plane and it all locks up.Can take up to 6 to 10 aircraft changes to lock it up.Spending upto 30min modifying cam angles in between each change. Other times it's hit and miss if the cams work or not. What I mean is on load up at times no profile will work,no cam controls will work and then I restart it and it works. I can also be mid editing some camera angles and the control of the cams freeze up.A restart solves the issue. Sometimes P3Dv4 will start up then Chase Plane.Then I have Chase plan request I start up P3D and a scenario.With only preferences accessable.Restarting Prepar3d fixes the issue. Just to add I've pretty much removed all cam and view options from the P3Dv4 control menu.So it aint a conflict. Oh and I forgot to mention. I cannot for the life of me get the Mouse look to work.I have tried everything.It just does not work in my game. I removed all references to mouse controls in P3DV4 control UI.I have given control schemes to the Chase Plane control preferences.But Mouse look will not work at all.Pressing the middle mouse button does nothing.Pressing the mapped keys does nothing to trigger it to work. Reinstalling Chase plane doesn't fix it.
  9. Yes getting this message.Have uninstalled and reinstalled about 6 times so far cleaning out cache.But problem persists. It looks like something unexpected occured. Please send the following error code at alpha@oldprop.com (ConnectionClosed) Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. I've got the same issues but with the Beach Baron aswell as A2A c172. The Milviz Beaver is also freezing up the cam so I can't make profiles.The error below. I have chase plan installed on p3dv4. There was an error while processing the following aircraft. PF2k_beech_baron_58 (P3Dv4) - Unable to Access cfg file,A2A_C172 (P3Dv4) - Unable to Access cfg file Make sure you have sufficent permissions to write to this file.
  11. I just bought the C310R at Aerosoft as it said in the information page that it was p3d3.4 or higher ready.So v4 is higher so I imagined it would work. The exterior of the plane looks fine.But inside the cockpit it's a texture mess.Wings are invisible and the floor is non existent as well as many parts of the cockpit panels. If it's not ready for v4 then that makes sense it's looking the way it does. Disappointed I can't fly it but would you have a rough idea when an update would become available for v4.It's such a tease to look at that planes exterior and not be able to fly it.
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