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  1. +1 I have also posted some wishes about AI Traffic already. I just really hate, how AI aircrafts do that 180 degree turn out of the gate in P3D. Also, it would be nice, if the ground vehicles (like catering and fuel trucks) work on AI traffic as well. Oh, and jetways too
  2. A bit sad that we didn't get to see or hear any info regarding the partnership series update, which they delayed last update. Otherwise, the shots look amazing.
  3. I would want to see passengers board and deboard the plane. Not only my aircraft, but also other AI planes. Something like GSX, but also for AI aircrafts. During flight I barely leave the cockpit view, so I guess I wouldn't even notice them. But Seeing people board or walking in terminals would be pretty cool.
  4. The invitations have the subject "Congratulations Insider".
  5. Probably not. Their last update said "next update 01.30 !" but it was later changed to "next update 02.06 !".
  6. It was mentioned in one interview, that unlike other game titles, the SDK of MSFS will be released "at least 6 month" prior to the release of the sim. So if they meant the early version of the SDK, which, as far I know, is going out next week, then that would mean, that the release of MSFS will be July at the earliest. So we re probably looking at a Q3 / Q4 release.
  7. I think they are looking for people who are simming many hours per week, which obviously makes sense, I remember choosing 2-4h/week in the survey. Maybe that's why I'm not invited while others with same specs (32gb ram, 6700k, 1080ti) are.
  8. I think so. I believe this is the first picture they released on social media first, and not on their website.
  9. Gotcha. I'll continue keeping an eye on my inbox then... 😄
  10. Does anyone know if people with older CPUs got accepted? I have a feeling, that my i7 6700k is the problem. It's not that old, but it is the oldest part in my rig (1080ti, 32gb ram).
  11. I noticed that too. I hope, that the ground vehicles are communicating with ATC for clearance and most importantly don't crash into (drive through) airplanes and other ground traffic (although I believe there was a truck driving through baggage carts in the first trailer)
  12. They probably want the console version to offer an immersive sim experience as well. And as far as I know, mods and add ons are maybe a bit harder to install on consoles. Maybe that's why they put so much attention to the weather system and decent default airplanes. And maybe they will offer things like a ground crew to make taxiing and flight preparation and stuff more immersive. Thats my guess. Regards Felix
  13. If you have Orbx scenery installed try verifying all the files in Orbx Central. That solved it for me.
  14. The PBR cockpits look amazing, especially those leather seats. And the new camera system sounds great. I hope it is easy and intuitive to set up and use.
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