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  1. Hi Kyle, Thanks again. I will try that. I am just starting to install PMDG 737 after downloading. I never overclock my system since I am happy with the performance at stock settings. I'll keep you posted once I got all installed and updated. Max Barawid Jr.
  2. Ok, we'll do. Thanks. Max Barawid Jr.
  3. Hi Chris, I always make sure that when I install programs that I use more often, I always run it as Administrator. So I have to download again the full package that has the update and uninstall the whole PMDG 737 and 747 that I bought? Cheers, Max Barawid Jr.
  4. BTW, after installing windows 10 and updating it to the latest updates (except for the creator 10 or whatsoever), and installing all drivers, I installed Steam first then FSX:SE then PMDG 747. While installing the PMDG, there was a message that says; An exception has occured! Please contact PMDG support by submitting a ticket at http://support.precisionmanuals.com for help with resolving this issue. Press "Copy to clipboard" below and then paste the information into your support ticket. Additionally, a log file has been created at: c:\users\katan\appdata\roaming\pmdg\pmdg operations center\PMDG Operations Center.log Please attach this file to better help us fix this issue. The application will now exit. 07/09/17 16:04:07 Exception: Access Violation at 0x6871FAB7 686A0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WININET.dll +0007FAB7 (10401D0, 1046238, C5C3B70) 686A0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WININET.dll +00081077 (10401D0, 1046238, C5C3B70) 686A0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WININET.dll +00081FDB (1046238, F7DF630, F7DF698) 686A0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WININET.dll +00055054 (10215E8, 0, 244) 686A0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WININET.dll +00054E8F (10DA4EF8, 0, 244) 754D0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\KERNELBASE.dll +000B58CA (F7DF8F0, 10273D8, 10215EC) 77C80000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll +0002C483 (F7DF8F0, C527788, 10215EC) 77C80000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll +00034B44 (F7DF8F0, C62E800, 10215EC) Cheers, Max Barawid Jr.
  5. Hi Kyle, I have to reformat my PC because I am experiencing a lot of errors after uninstalling some applications that I thought might have cause my PMDG to not update or download. So far everything works ok, I can download liveries now, and update. Except for few issues. I made a flight plan from KMIA to KLAX on 747-400. First I selected Cathay Pacific livery that I downloaded. Took off at runway 27, engage AP at 500ft, after few seconds, I got an alarm with red "WARNING" on the MCP and a red message on the Engine display >AUTOPILOT DISC. I tried to reset alarm but it doesn't like to reset and everytime I enable AP it goes disconnect again after a second or two. But if I use a stock PMDG 747-400, this does not happen. I also tried KLM, QANTAS with the same issue. Have I don anything wrong?
  6. I have done the un-installing the previous installation and re-installing the new updated installer, I still have the same problem of not able to download liveries. I have other problems now. Since this problem came up, I un-installed some applications that I have that are not related to the OS and flight sim and ham radio applications. Now I have issues of launching FSX:SE taking so much time to appear. And loading a previously saved PMDG flights, 737 or 747, I have a cold and dark cockpit even though I am on cruise flight ( saved game while on FL320). Oh I forgot to mention, I also don't see the initialization count down which is really strange. No problem when selecting normal FSX flights, no PMDG. Max Barawid Jr.
  7. Really? I enjoy it a lot. If propagation is really bad, I just fly PMDG.
  8. Thanks Kyle. I am making a list of what I need to have in hand before I re-format my PC. Latest drivers, backups and how to install them back, programs that I always use specially for my other hobby other than flight simulator, ham radio. Hi Peter. I don't remember what are the changes that might have happened in my computer and I can't even remember when this problem initially happened. What I can remember though was, I uninstalled one livery and was planning to download another one and that's where I noticed this problem. Perhaps, Kyle can see in their log what I have uninstalled and what date. Since then I was not able to download anything. My mistake and I admit it, I did not blow the whistle when I initially noticed that I can't download liveries. I have already uninstalled some applications that i have installed 3 months ago. Thanks, Max Barawid Jr.
  9. Hello Kyle, Nope, I have not installed P3D in my computer. Sorry, when I launch OC it tells me that I a new update is ready for download. Looking at what I have, Installed Version: 3.00.8334, Available Version: 3.00.8370, that's what it says. Is there another way of downloading this update and liveries other than from the OC? I am thinking of rebuilding my computer and installing all fresh perhaps that will solve the problem but I need some time. Thank you, Max
  10. Hello Kyle, Just to let you know that I did a Windows 10 system file check (sfc /scannow) and it came back with "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations." I did this just to isolate the OS from the source of the problem. I am not saying that PMDG is the problem. I just want to know how I can resolve this issue of not able to update and download liveries from OC. At least I can fly the 747 default liveries but I need to update to V3 at least. Thanks, Max
  11. Hello Kyle, I followed your instructions and tried again but it is still the same. I didn't see any difference from the first and this one. I found that I have several versions or revisions of the MS Visual C++ Redistributable from 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015 both x64 and x86. Thanks, Max
  12. Hi Kyle, I have not installed any migration tool like what you have mentioned. I am looking at the Task Manager, but I don't see anything that says, Estonia Migration Tool or EMT. When I bought the PMDG 737NGX via Steam, it was working perfectly. I was able to download a few liveries. I can't recall what have I done before this problem started. I have already uninstalled my Avast Anti-Virus and did check a few settings on the Windows Firewall. I have downloaded the WireShark program thinking I will be able to see what's going on when I launch OC and download liveries but I am not an expert in reading all those hex data. I even uninstalled the network card driver and installed a fresh one just to see if this could be causing it. But no luck. I am out of ideas so I am hoping that someone can help resolve this problem. Max Barawid Jr.
  13. Yes, that's what I did. I got replies from their website, support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/frmTicket.aspx?TicketID=75689, and I get an email as well. My replies are also posted in their support site. Thanks, Max Barawid Jr.
  14. Thanks you Chris. That's what I did, I opened a support ticket to supportdesk@precisionmanuals.com and someone replied. The last email was asking me to disable my firewall, antivirus and other security software that I am using. I have no firewall other than the windows firewall, I already uninstalled my Avast antivirus, and nothing else that I can think of. I have excluded PMDG from the firewall and had allowed it to access the network inbound/outbound. Yes, I have given PMDG folders and files full admin privilege. Tried compatibility to 7 or 8 since I am using 10. Best regards, Max Barawid Jr.
  15. I just bought the 747-400 base install for fsx:se yesterday and installed it. PMDG Operations Center tells me there is an update available. When I click the OK button, another window pops up showing a black bar download progress but it only shows in milliseconds and nothing happens. Also when I download liveries using the Livery Download, it does nothing. Just a flash of the RED notification on the top right hand saying I have 1 notification. But checking the Notification say's I have no notifications. I have a similar problem with the 737-800NGX that I bought few months ago and complained to the support@precisionmanuals.com. Someone replied and asked me to do a few things and send them a file generated by the PMDG Operations Center. We had a few email interchange until they stopped replying up to now despite of my follow up emails. I am just trying my luck here in this group if someone can help me. Hoping someone can. Max Barawid Jr.
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