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  1. i confirm, 777-300 brand new installed in V4 chase plane key doesnt work 777-200 all fine
  2. i updated the joystick driver, seems solved it for now.
  3. i noticed it on the yoke/pedals inside, out i did not check
  4. anybody else noticed that the flight controls all are shaky in version V4 ? if you do a flight controls check, all controls, elevator, aileron, rudder and thrust do a kind of shake after movement andre schütte
  5. i still dont know how to post images here.. i just installed it from my account and there was a notice "777-300 for P3D V4" https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzcr0B7-qAw_MG5XNW0xRHJaN2c/view?usp=sharing
  6. is or isnt ? so, there is an issue with the -300 and chase plane
  7. i mean the -300 are you sure or am i wrong anyhow, 1. i got an update via operation center and 2. i was able to install the -300 pack from my store content for P3DV4 andre schütte
  8. i and another just reported a similar issue with chase plane not working after installing PMDG 777-300 in P3DV4 in another post. middle mouse button not working... andre schütte
  9. same here i struggle also with chase plane after installing 777-300 in P3DV4...just not working de- and reinstalled chase plane completly already, did not help... andre schütte
  10. think so, renewing standard.xml did not solve it here
  11. where is the standart . xml located ? just delete it and let it rebuild and it works again ? oh man !
  12. i noticed same..and thought first i did something wrong...
  13. i noticed the same and find it uncomfortable.
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