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  1. I don't have aerosoft airbus either... This is a cruel punishment! haha
  2. yeah it worked! i actually didn't install the Xpack...!!! But, unfortunately the trial period is over, i couldn't even try mce when i fixed it. I really have BAD LUCK!
  3. I forgot to mention: mine is not normal boxed edition. Its, FSX Delux Edition.
  4. I did all what you have said, but still it's not working. It is not being able to detect the simulator. Since it is not working and my time got wasted so much, I want to give you a punishment. Punishment: You have to fix the problem for me... :P haha Edit: it worked on my brother's computer with P3D... But still no go for mine one with FSX
  5. i did all these but still no go. i am re-installing fsx... i had installed some graphics mods, may be due to it. anyways, lets see... if you have any emails of yours, or some social pages please do let me know, i will contact you directly then.
  6. i did all these before, but as you have said i repeated it once more but its still not working. I am getting depressed, i want this at any cost!
  7. Thanks for your help! I need another help too. Please see my question here- https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/389147-need-some-serious-help/?page=2#comment-3798896
  8. Hey i am getting this error again and again... any ideas how to fix this?- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U_I-pkPeFwEywXHyA3qfbuIjoQgNVuyc/view?usp=sharing please help me asap! I did everything as mentioned, but still it is not getting fixed!
  9. Hello Friends, i am new to this forum. I would be highly obliged if you kindly tell me the reason behind the problem of simconnect.dll missing from my computer. I am not able to use any of VIRTUAL AVONICS' Products.... Please do let me know how to download simconnect.dll and install it! More Details: Its showing: Can't find simconnect.dll. VAinterface will terminate Please provide me a remedy to this. With love... Neil_Kerman
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