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  1. Hello, hope, that somebody could help me out with my Problem. I want to set a Light Potentiometer in the A32NX from FBW. So, i identified this indexed Variable as an Example. Glareshield Integral Lights LIGHT POTENTIOMETER:84 0..100R/WMSFS VAR Could someone please give a Hint, how to code this in a LUA Script? I tried it this Way ipc.writeLvar(("L:LIGHT_POTENTIOMETER_SET:84"), 100) But it didn't work. Any Help is highly appreciated Thanks a Lot in Advance. Joachim
  2. This Script works fine for me in the FBW A32NX. Feel free, to use it. if zaehler == 2 then ipc.control(67090, 1) ipc.control(65913, 0) zaehler = zaehler + 1 end if zaehler == 3 then ipc.writeLvar("L:A32NX_OVHD_ELEC_BAT_10_PB_IS_AUTO", 1) ipc.sleep(3000) zaehler = zaehler + 1 end if zaehler == 4 then ipc.writeLvar("L:A32NX_OVHD_ELEC_BAT_11_PB_IS_AUTO", 1) ipc.sleep(1000) zaehler = zaehler + 1 end You need the ipc.sleep between the Battery turn ons. Otherwise, they will not turn on. Also is it highly recommendet to turn on the ExtPwr before the Batts are turne on. See Section zaehler2 in this Script. Greets from Germany and good Luck. Joachim
  3. Great Work Pawel. But this one is for FSX. Any Chance, to get it also vor P3Dv4 and 744 QOTS V3?
  4. Hi to Guenseli and Andrew again. FSLabs posted something like this in their Forums. SDK only for Pros or CBs. Paid 150 Euros for the Bus, that itself is very good. Unfortunately the Product Policy of FSL is lousy. To pay again for a SDK, i have to decide. If the Price will be moderate, i will maybe pay it. Last but not Least, thanks for your Replies. Greetings Joachim
  5. Hello Guenseli, do you have meanwhile any Idea, how to operate the Batteries, GPU and the IntegLights Rotaries on the FSL A320 for P3Dv4.1 in a LUA Script? Any Help will be highly appreciated and honored by a Donation. :-) Thanks a Lot in Advance. Joachim
  6. Yes here also. Got the same needless Message from Paul. Answered to the Mail but didn't get any Answer until now.
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