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  1. All pilots thank you for the answers and tips. It was in FSUIPK, deleted the profile and everything became as it should. Once again, thank you all. The topic can be closed. Artem Bulavin
  2. When you click anything, it does not react to it Artem Bulavin
  3. I wrote above that nothing happens, not raising the speed is not height. All on one level
  4. It generally does not go down and does not rise after the autopilot is turned on. And this height is hand-picked without autopilot. In the manual mode, everything is fine, as soon as you turn on the autopilot, it becomes neutral. And the trimmer index is knocked down to 1
  5. Installed fsuipc 5, and profiles with 4 did not import Before using autopilot During an autopilot And so, so he flies Artem Bulavin
  6. Ok I will correct. Artem Bulavin
  7. Thanks for the answer! I'm not the first day I fly on these planes. Before that, I flew to them both in FSX and in P3Dv3 and this was not like that. This appeared after installing P3Dv4 and PMDG under the P3Dv4 version, all the procedures are performed according to the manual. That's why I asked for help here. Maybe someone had such a problem.
  8. There is no anonymity. I'm not here for this purpose. Full name written
  9. The problem is this. After takeoff and climb to the transition, I turn on autopilot, VNAV and LNAV. And the next thing happens, the climb stops and the plane flies with a roll down. Clicking on MCP (height setting) to go set does not make any changes. If you disable LNAV and the height is typed with a vertical then it goes to climb. In FMC everything is hammered and the trimer is exposed. The flight plan is planned in PFPX. Simulator P3Dv4. And the same happens as in 747 and 777. What is it can be and how to fix it?
  10. Hello everybody! I'm a new member. I am a user of P3D V3-4. Nice to meet you