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  1. In the developer menu you can select sky color presets. It does give some options to change the look of the sim easily.
  2. I have been flying the ASDG Supercub for the last few days. It's very nice. Although I don't watch the FPS counter I would say it's slightly heavier on demands but still very smooth even in high object areas such as Vancouver and Seattle. It seems a bit twitchy on the ground at slow speeds but hey, it's a taildragger and you have to be on the rudder like a river dance sometimes. I even watched some real life taildragger training videos (Flightchops on youtube I believe). Watch what you feet need to do in a real Supercub. Ground looping is a possibility for sure! It ain't easy to be a taildragger pilot! But I don't think the flight modelling is perfect, maybe it's my MSFF2 joystick, but I think it noses over too easily at very slow speeds ie when you need to make it stick to the runway in a crosswind slip landing, for example.
  3. So far I have redone overlays using V4 in a couple areas- Vancouver, BC, and Calgary and Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Over top orthos at 17/18/19 (Bing). V4 is fabulous in these areas. Most of those pesky trees that were shooting up everywhere are gone, and the forests are much more accurate. The terrain appears much more varied and interesting because those trees are gone and the orthos can shine through. Roads are lining up great with the orthos, too. Great work Andras. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you Andras! Most of us greatly appreciate your efforts. I for one, don't find it a hassle to download parts of the whole individually, and even if I did the last thing I would do is complain about something that is given to me entirely FREE. People complaining about free stuff that obviously gives them great enjoyment.... blows my mind. Reminds me of the music business. But let's not go there...LOL.
  5. This is great, I love it. It really helps make the whole ortho scenery blend together and look more natural. Especially at ZL 17 or higher when you can see some detail to the yards. The autogen lines up great with the orthos where I have looked (only Alberta and BC, Canada so far). XPlane seems to sometimes draw too many row houses along roads that shouldn't have them and eliminating the green yards really makes things look more realistic. Thanks!
  6. Beautiful! And what is XPlane 10? Never heard of it! :)
  7. The Beatles (styled by Lady Gaga) :)
  8. It's looking wonderful. Great work!
  9. Good morning illustrious scenery building friends! Can anyone point me in the right direction for orthos of Norway? Many thanks! Tusen takk!
  10. A couple? I checked the texture folder in Ortho4xp and my tile has 198 textures that downloaded partially or nothing at all. I guess that's the problem. Deleted the offenders and am now rendering the tile again! Seems weird how the blank textures still are 10.8Mb. Huh? But I have to be careful with my the country with 100GB limit then they cut me down to less than dialup speeds. Won't even let me buy more. Huh? That's even more weird than my tile problem. Cheers
  11. Wow, that's fantastic! I'm going to give it a go right away on the same tile I did last night. Right after I said knock on wood it crashed on me. Haaa! There are still a couple of holes in the bing data it appears (as I can see odd chunks of mountain that are just pure white). Try and try again I guess. But ZL 19 on the mountains....holy mother of a thousand yaks, it blows away anything I've seen in a sim. I put a 1T SSD in the new computer I built and so far my few tiles have their there home there until I put in a drive just for tiles, and I must say there is zero stuttering during loading while flying. So smooth. I can see that SSD's are gonna be hard on the bank account :) Cheers!
  12. Wow, that makes sense that it could darken the white cloud textures, sure hope that is true. I will try that tomorrow as well. I just recut a tile that was crashing. I set an new custom zoom set for it using a different zoom where I thought there was some missing tiles causing the crash. And messed a bit with the mesh resolution, more!! Took off from Banff in the trusty 172 and it's looking magnificent especially since I cranked it to ZL19. And .... hasn't crashed yet either, knock on my head (wood)! Cheers
  13. Yes, so many choices, so little time! BTW have you experimented with the "terrain casts shadows" setting in Ortho4xp global config? It's set to False and I'm pretty sure my terrain is casting shadows. Why would it need to be enabled anyways? Hmmm... seems like a few tantalizing things to find out about in that config. I should read the manual thoroughly unlike the first time! Cheers
  14. Orbx could port their airports over to XP but the regional stuff? How can they top a well made ortho, when we can do it for free? Finely tuned overlays with specific autogen maybe? That would be very interesting, but I guess it ain't gonna happen :(
  15. Those shots look great Mitch! Decals! Yes! From reading some of your posts I see you don't like to use overlays and I see your point with high ZL tiles. But I love the roads cars trains and I think the xplane native autogen is really starting to rock. I don't like too much of the lego buildings that w2xplane displays although RealWest is nice for the western US. So I have settled for Luftbilder's enriched autogen, I think he has most of the world covered now- there is a dropbox link. Let's the xplane autogen shine through. Then I turn down objects one notch so every road isn't lined with houses and the orthos can take up the slack nicely. Freaking awesome. I think making my own w2xplane overlays could be really fun when I get around to it, but flying at the moment is just too much fun.