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  1. JohnnyJohnJohn

    .CFG File locations?

    Thank you!
  2. JohnnyJohnJohn

    .CFG File locations?

    Hi all. Sorry to be a pest, but wondering if you all can help me and tell me where the scenery.cfg file is in P3D V4? I have installed what Orbx products are working in P3D V4 and I know they are NOT showing up. Example, I installed Bowerman airport and I KNOW it is not showing up. It looks like the default or the FTX Global is over the airport instead. Do I have to go in and add each individual scenery that I add to the Scenery Library afterward? I figured since Orbx Direct had it on their list of items that work, it should work, yes? Thanks everyone again for your help. Total new sim, been out of simming for a while, just getting back into it. Thanks for your help in advance everyone.
  3. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Arming Your Aircraft

    Thank you!!!!! I'll check out the free one. You know the ol' saying, if its free, its for me. LOL
  4. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Arming Your Aircraft

    Thanks guys. I was curious about that. I will have to look into some of those alternatives.
  5. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Arming Your Aircraft

    Thanks. Won't be spending 2300 bucks, that's for sure! LOL.
  6. JohnnyJohnJohn

    Arming Your Aircraft

    Hello! Just took the plunge to the 64 bit P3D. I noticed there was a folder named "Weapons" in the simulator. How does one arm their aircraft with those weapons if you are using the F22 F35 or F16? Thanks in advance...