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  1. For me this has become a very interesting topic, simply because of what MS/Asobo have teased us with so far... At the moment, I exclusively use add-on airports--simply because the default ones are ugly (which is completely understandable). Even though I also spent a fortune on LC scenery (like GES, GEN, PNW, etc.) I don't find it very appealing to look out the window mid-flight, since even the orbx scenery is not that pretty. Ofc NL TE is a different game, but performance is an issue and it's also only a small area that's covered with TE. With the whole world waiting to be explored by me (if what they're advertising is really that impressive), my standpoint might change quite significantly: From exclusively using airliners between add-on airports towards smaller airplanes (like the Citation or the TBM) on smaller, default airports--just to enjoy the flight (i.e. the scenery) en route. I guess it depends a lot on what the AI has to offer for default airports and thus I don't want to get my hopes up, yet.
  2. Anything else regarding the Alpha btw...? If not, the mods should close this thread for good.
  3. Still feeding the troll by talking to/about him... Anything else regarding the Alpha btw...?
  4. Chiming in... Didn't want to, but what the heck, doing it anyway. Something more personal: During my studies and during the PhD thesis, my colleagues and I visited our annual, national physics conference with lots of lectures and seminars about the whole spectrum of physics. What does this have to do with anything being "discussed" here and in other threads and other forums...? Well, those conferences always left space for... well, "alternative approaches", where self-appointed "scientists" got a forum to publish and to discuss their research (no quotes around this word, seriously!). One real example is someone who wanted to explain anti-gravity with some weird (although quite simple) formulas and a vacuum cleaner. Yeah... And a couple of more people with similar approaches to the world. And yes, many of us visited those sessions--but not to make fun of them (also it was sometimes really difficult to suppress the laughter) but to listen. By asking very basic questions about nature, it became clear that they didn't even know the very basic principles, even though they used big words in their lectures. So, bottom line: This should also be a forum for trolls, but it is the wrong approach to feed them, even by telling them how weird they are. Don't enable them, just smile and wave... Back to the topic of this thread: I'm happy that the Alpha phase is about to start soon; I mean, there's Christmas coming up and we could all hope for a brand new Xbox under the tree, right--because, you know, FS2020 will first hit this platform, right (wow, now I'm doing the feeding... 😄)?! But with the right feedback by the testers, it might become a very promising platform other platforms can be measured against.
  5. Everything fine on my end! 🙂 I guess it’s one of the “side effects” of what MS/Asobo showed so far that people like me actually got interested in flying OOTB planes. I’m absolutely fascinated by what might be possible... Maybe my words were a bit too strong or misleading: In my opinion, “casual gamers” are the vast majority and the most important group to consider by MS/Asobo. And with their promise “to deliver a hardcore sim” you can always dial things down to suit the casual gamer—I just wanted to express my concern that too many planes would contradict that promise. I don’t want to speculate by saying that; this “thing” they’re teasing us with is simply far away from any expectation that anyone here or anywhere else had just six months ago. 🤯
  6. 😁 No, my friend, this is actually the challenge for MS/Asobo: To get both groups interested in the default planes. My hope is (well, “was”) that they’ll focus on just a few OOTB planes, which are presented in great detail and, maybe except for failures, down to study level. And to make those planes accessible as possible for casual “gamers” like you, who have every right to use and enjoy the platform as much as we hardcore-simmers (hopefully) will! I bet you watched all their videos so far and the tremendous amount of work they put into the development of the TBM, for instance. It’d be sad if they stopped at something like the Garmin and only scratched the surface there. Yeah, the latter is essential only for the hardcore simmers, but as I said, all of us should have fun with that...game. 😉
  7. Nah, was too busy comparing the screens with their real-world counterpart. 😄 But this could be bad news... I’m still hoping for them announcing a partnership also with Garmin, Jeppesen et al. 🙏 Okay, Jeppesen won’t happen. But Garmin should be feasible.
  8. 🙄 Again. Casual “gamers” equals many OOTB planes. Hard-core simmers equal just a few planes with great instrument depth.
  9. And why is that?? You also pay this amount of money for Spotify, Netflix, HBO and god-knows-what. Them streaming content to us means costs for servers and bandwidth to be constantly available for us. If you were running a business like this, would you provide everything for free for your customers...?
  10. Just my opinion on the “default planes”. 1) The less, the better. More quantity usually comes with less quality. 2) I hope MS and Asobo hold on to their mantra: That if they do something, then they’ll do it right! Look at the TBM, for instance: as a someone who will soon get his real-world license, I’d actually hate to see planes like the TBM having very well done flight dynamics but a poorly implemented Garmin. Of course I’ll train for real life in the sim, I don’t get why people here always laugh about the some of us reading the POH because it’s “a game”... You know, it’s not! There’re plenty of real world pilots explaining their job with, for instance, the FSLabs. Would they do this with some “arcady” game? No. Hopefully MS and Asobo will get some of their planes right. Them including an A320 and a 747-8i making me already doubt that a little—see 1). And for the (majority here, I’m not that word not allowed) casual “gamers” here: They can always allow to “dial down” the difficulty level with a deeply simulated plane, but they’re not able to “dial up” the level of realism for a poorly implemented one. And that’s what I’m a little bit afraid of... No Tech Alpha access, yet, and no clue of what’s going to happen beyond the stunning stuff they showed us so far. It’s a dream coming true and I hope they won’t mess it up with the default planes... There will always be infinite space for 3PDs, so that a couple of really well done default planes wouldn’t hurt. 😉
  11. I’d much rather see them preventing add-ons from conflicting with the base sim or with other add-ons for that matter. Only one “package” (mesh, textures, scenery) per area, period. And an easy way to install/remove the add-on, which must never touch FS 2020 folders and files...
  12. In one word: stunning!! I have almost no words... 😉 However, just one grain of salt: Is it just me or is the Wx radar just not "right"? When the plane is turning, the echoes turn with the plane, there's no delay due to the sweeping of the radar itself, is there? It also looks a bit simplified-I expected more from a Pre-Alpha... 😜 But maybe I'm wrong and it really works differently in the TBM... And yeah, I agree to what has been said before: These guys are indeed geniuses!!
  13. Amen. I'm not limiting my critisism to the Addon Manager, if you read my comment thoroughly. Of course Couatl is responsible for scenery elements, it's abundantly clear when you restart it and see all buildings etc. disappear for a second or two. Again, I'm not getting into this discussion (to avoid the next lengthy try to justify yourself); your extensions (whether it's the Addon Manager, Couatl or whatever) are interfering way too much with the core sim, period. Imagine FlyTampa, FSDG, JustSim, and aaall the other ones would do something similar. It'd be a nightmare. And no flight would be completed anymore because of some CTD caused by some faulty .dll. Here I basically fully agree with your last sentence. Stop messing with the core sim to stop piracy. There are better ways to achive this. Another try to contribute to the original topic: It could make sense for ASOBO/MS to prevent 3rd parties from touching the mesh, as elevation issues are one of the biggest (and most common) issues with the current FSX base.
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