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  1. Joan Alonso

    GSX Library (1.5)

  2. Joan Alonso

    Why isn’t my flood light working at day time?

    Ok. After doing that, try changing the light sensor section of the panel.cfg (the one that you are using) and replace the two 4 for 500 of the line gauge00.
  3. Joan Alonso

    Why isn’t my flood light working at day time?

    Nope. Try resizing it, just a click. The little spot will become a bit bigger (you will have to live wit it). Try and see if it works, if this does not do anything you'll have to edit panel.cfg (sensor section) in addition to that. Always do a backup of the file. Can't remember exactly the numbers I put there, if I have some time tomorrow I'll update you with. Maybe some of the developers could help you, but I'm not sure if they like us to modify the original files.
  4. Joan Alonso

    Why isn’t my flood light working at day time?

    There's a little spot at the upper left corner, that's the light sensor. Don't remember exactly how I managed time ago, I saved the default NGX flight with the sensor resized just a little bit, and resized the sensor size in panel.cfg to something like 1px. (I'm in another computer and can't look at it exactly). With that you'll have flood lights during daytime, and you'll have to adjust a little bit the MCP, pedestal and overhead digit lights because the sensor will no longer work, but I like it this way, just like in real life.
  5. Joan Alonso

    VC Flood Colors

    Hi, Is there any way to change the vc flood colors? I know that this was possible with Fsx version. But it seems that modifying the file of P3d v4 doesn't do anything. Thanks in advance.
  6. I used to do the same. We don’t have a solution yet. Maybe Matt is working on an update to solve it. It seems that shaders structure changed quite a bit from 4.0 to 4.1.
  7. Hi, This are the lines I have changed, I do not know if it will give you a clue of the problem. Many thanks
  8. Hi @MattDavies, thanks. I tried today again and i still have the problem. Object lighting is not working for day nor night. In fact I've partly solved it modifying the General.fx myself, (I do not have access to the file, tomorrow I'll post the lines I changed. I remember I copied three of the lines with the values and replaced with them the last three after "else" tag ). But not only this, this only works if I have cloud shadows cast ticked. Don't know what's going on. I reinstalled many times the 4.1 client so it doesn't seems to be something related to corrupt or not clean install of the 4.1 shaders.
  9. Hi, I installed 2.60 after 4.1 update and everything is fine (no log errors) and all effects ticked working except the object night lighting. With 2.52 and 4.0 I used to add a little brightness for objects during night. (Runways, taxiways...) Now the Diffuse and ambient night lighting is not working for me. No matter the value. I don't know if someone else is having the same problem or maybe I'm missing something. Many thanks!
  10. Joan Alonso

    Lights Flickering VC

    Hi, I’m flying the ngx in v4. The aircraft is awesome, despite having always been an Airbus guy I’m really enjoying it. My rig is med-high, with a low CPU, but a gtx 1080, wich makes P3d v4 go really smooth. (P3d v3 was totally a diferent story). Most of the sliders inside P3d are med-left. No problems at all with performance and ngx. But I came across a strange thing wich only happens at dawn and dusk. When in the VC at one of this periods of time the lights flicker for about 1 second (hard stutter). This happens every time P3d loads the next dawn or dusk textures. (I believe there are nine files for each). I tried with DAWN_DUSK SMOOTHING=0 with no luck. I can see the mouse cursor loading with default aircrafts in such situation as well, but it’s not even noticeable in terms of performance/stutter. DL are on with 4MSAA, no fps drops or problems with them. So I don’t know if everyone is having this issue or if it’s my rig and/or a software/hardware problem. Many thanks! Joan
  11. Joan Alonso

    Missing Body 737

    Nose is back with the last update.
  12. Joan Alonso

    Missing Body 737

    Maybe I'm wrong but I think that they are talking about the missing body problem from external cam. I would say that the nose missing from VC has nothing to do with any driver or Software update. Is something that PMDG has not modeled this time.
  13. Joan Alonso

    Missing Body 737

    Yep. Nose is missing in VC. I don’t know if they have deleted it because of performance issues. It was a great inmersive feature though.