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  1. Hello anyone have an oc'd ryzen 1600? How's your perfimance? Note : i am gonna switch from a 3470
  2. My Flight From OMDB to OBBI on UAE-VA and VATSIM there was some ATC there after lots of days testing Mastereffect & DX10 Fixer Settings finally my first flightwith the amazing graphics !!. At parking look at those shdows reflections and colors ! no more GSX bugs ! Taxing at OMDB with amazing Shadows and reflections !holding point RW30R i just can feel that the scenery bugs (espicially lights) gone !! taking off from OMDB just amazing water reflections !! climbing i start felling that my sim is P3D haha.. i am in love with DX10 fixer and mastereffect Some amazing Graphics !!
  3. I have dx10 fixer installed with mastereffect Well i didnt notice any cockpit shadows with the fixer. Can anyone tell me how to get shadows? Thanks
  4. I dont have any airports that have ai traffic. Well I treid to wet vpilot traffic to 0 it disappeared
  5. good morning all yesterday i was flying on vatsim well. i use WOAI traffic for flying offline and i use ivao mtl as model matching for vatsim. before i fly yesterday i set the traffic sliders to 0 (as i will fly on vatsim no need for offline traffic) my sim crashed in route . i ve searched in the forum for solution then you guys said set the traffic to 0 and the problem will be solved. but its already on zero.so idk why it crashed the weird thing that there was no anybody flying on vatsim there were no any traffic.and it crashed .how do i solve the problem should i set the traffic to 0 in vpilot? this is my facebook if anyone want to message me private https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100015719468899 thanks,ahmed
  6. hello can anyone please tell me how to create a topic on other forums? and thanks
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