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  1. We have a flight plan created to fly around the Idaho backcountry. When xxported as MSFS 2020 PLN file, it won't load in MSFS 2020. When the same flight plan is exported as a FSX/P3D PLN file, it loads just fine in MSFS 2020 - which we find to be very odd. Here is dropbox link to all three versions. LNMPLN https://www.dropbox.com/s/3uepvwvwo8gdo4b/River of No Return LNMPLN.lnmpln?dl=0 FSX/P3D Export https://www.dropbox.com/s/tn7brhtndyepcag/River of No Return FSXP3D Export.pln?dl=0 MSFS 2020 Export https://www.dropbox.com/s/0qad8bnosdaja26/River of No Return MSFS Export.pln?dl=0 This custom scenery is part of the flight plan - but having custom scenery doesn't explain why the FSX/P3D export works in MSFS while the MSFS export of the same flight plan will not load in MSFS 2020. flightsim.to https://flightsim.to/file/9140/cougar-basin-pz12-idaho-playground https://flightsim.to/file/8791/lake-mountain-idaho-a-stol-paradise https://flightsim.to/file/8849/buck-lake-land-and-lake-retreat-idaho https://flightsim.to/file/1156/bush-strips-in-idaho Bush League Legends Scenery https://mega.nz/file/Dx4y0aZA#4kUYrixW6YUpeTAvjZlQuG2txNwi2oftdNSIbqNKlyk https://mega.nz/file/G54WHAwb#2ZQdecuoDOL0Q_wmEd6MiWmzyWi1GZyMKPalJTxEdvc
  2. Okay... 1) Start X-Plane 2) Load your flight. 3) Check to see if the GTN 750 is already enabled in the plugins menu. If not enable, it. 4) Load a flight plan or just specify waypoints in the GTN 750, turn on the autopilot, select GPS and press NAV. If you get the Green "On" light, no need to do anything else. If not... on to step 5. 5) Disable the GTN 750 in the plugins menu. 6) Go to Flight Configuration, click on Change Location (even though you aren't changing location), and click Start New Flight. 7) Enable the GTN 750 in the plugins menu and repeat step 4. I had a hiccup today where I had to do steps 5 and 6 twice before it worked - no idea why.
  3. Well, I re-installed the GTN 750 leaving it at default settings other than specifying where X-Plane was installed. Still had the problem. But - as other have pointed out.... Once you start X-Plane and load your flight, disable the GTN 750 (just uncheck it in the plugins menu), then re-start your flight and enable the GTN 750. Disabling and re-enabling the GTN 750 without re-starting the flight won't fix the issue. I have to do this every time I start X-Plane, but only when I start X-Plane. Works just fine after that. This isn't a Carenado thing, it is a RealityXP GTN 750 thing. Without the GTN 750, the Carenado planes never had an issue, for me, related to NAV and APPR in AP.
  4. Here is another customer reporting exactly the same issue, only using the Citation II. Remove the GTN 750, APPR mode works perfectly. Install the GTN 750, the APPR light stays yellow and the plane never intercepts the glideslope. Running 11.31 of X-Plane 11. Just bought and installed the GTN 750 today.
  5. Citation II AP for me, including NAV and APPR worked fine after 11.30 before installing the GTN 750. After installing the GTN 750, the NAV and APPR lights never turn to the green NAV and APPR only showing yellow ARM the entire time and Approach mode isn't even working now. Normally, in APPR mode, the light will be green with the glide slope indicator appearing in the HSI. That isn't even showing up now and the only thing changed was installing the GTN 750.
  6. This isn't working for me. No idea what the heck to do. Departure, 2 intermediates, and Destination all show locked. Beginning to regret having purchased this since it's a PITA just to get a flight plan loaded.
  7. Seeing as Just Flight's Arrow III has always been available directly from their website and all of the FS-Flight Control DLC has always been available directly from their website... This: Just curious...how is forcing all 3d party developers to sell through steam linked to DTG not greed? is untrue and the first person to say this, even though he knew it was untrue, was a competitor named earlier in this thread and a large number of people continue to quote this as if it were true - when it is not. Just look at the websites and it proves this quote completely false. But keep on spreading misinformation.... Wonder how those other sims would fare if they were released with the same kind of nonsense reviews spouting incorrect info.
  8. And one of the most high profile critics happens to be a guy who was part of the consortium that lost out in the rights bidding for the Microsoft license that DTG won. PMDG's Robert Rendazzo from his 1.6 million dollar mansion was one of the loudest claiming all this money grab, steam only (both untrue) BS. Know your source before trusting it as being factual and not trying to destroy a competitor. God forbid someone mess with his profits or he will do whatever it takes to destroy your business.
  9. Dead and 99% buried thanks to uninformed opinions like this one. DLC wasn't any higher priced than any other DLC currently on the market. What's the price for Just Flight's Arrow III on each platform. Show me it was higher for FSW than those others, otherwise you are completely wrong. But - you know - keep piling on the misinformation that the other developers repeated ad nauseam which led to it's demise.
  10. I'm curious how DTG is "money-grabbing", but apparently none of the other flight sims, which so many defend vociferously, cost more to get the same content, yet none of them have near the level of graphics quality inside the cockpit or in the sky. DTG gave away FSW to anyone who owned Flight School - real money grab there DTG is about to release all the DTG developed DLC (the mission packs they created) for free. Another money grab there. Heck, FSW was on sale for about $10 US repeatedly from the time it was released and the DLC wasn't priced any higher than what is seen for all of the other sims. The 3rd party DLC Arrow III - same price across all sims - another real money grab there. Most of this thread is just another continuation of lame opinions which completely ignore facts - especially when it comes to this "money grab" BS. Seriously - go compare pricing for X-Plane and the same DLCs, P3D and the same DLCs, even FSX and the same DLCs - then fly them and tell me you have the same graphics level for the planes and the sky, because none of you can actually say that with any honesty. Because if this was supposedly a DTG money grab, then what the heck is P3D doing? Their pricing is f'in ridiculous in comparison. So, please, the next person who posts about this money grab BS, put up the prices for those other sims and the DLC necessary to get the same quality level in your reply for comparison, otherwise it's just the same continuation of crap opinions, not facts, which got FSW killed in the first place. This review https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058290952/recommended/389280/ is by far the most accurate review I've read. This thread isn't anything close.
  11. I have enjoyed the Career Mode in it's current limited format, and, being this is a Beta, I tinkered with the Career.JSON file (Hint: It can be edited using any text editor) to see if all the tabs could be unlocked. Well - not yet. Aircraft Market and Business Operations do not unlock. Once you hit 5 reputation stars, you will have maxed out your Reputation range at 200 nm and acquired all currently available "awarded" aircraft - 4 of them. The 5th one is likely reserved for the BizJet. If you don't like the livery for your awarded aircraft, find the Aircraft Title in the Career.JSON, take a look at the Aircraft.cfg for that plane, find the title for the livery you would like in the aircraft.cfg, cut/paste said title to the appropriate location in Career.JSON and you have a livery of your choice, vice the default base plane liveries which are awarded. If you want to move base airports without losing your current career, this can also be done. Make a copy of your current Career.JSON file. Delete the main file. Start a new career at your new airport. Note the airport ID. Copy/paste the ID into your backup file in the appropriate location. Save the copy over the main Career.JSON file. Voila! You have moved without having to start over. I haven't tried using "unsupported" career airports, because I don't know where to find all of the Airport IDs, but would love to try. Don't know what the plans are for the Aircraft Market or Business Operations, but looking forward to seeing those implemented.
  12. Join us for a long overdue FSW Break Multiplayer flight March 24, 2018 from 8 PM ET (12 AM GMT) to 11 PM ET (3 AM GMT). If unable to join us, there are flights almost every night at the same time. To communicate during the flight, use the Group Flights voice channel located here. Hope to see you there! The link is to the FSW Break Discord Channel
  13. When did FSX add Live Weather. Was it there out of the box or did it take awhile to add? Heck, it's no longer supported in the base game without a 3rd party addon.
  14. It's a shame they don't support Android devices.
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