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  1. Henry_C

    No cruise altitude on FMC Legs

    Perhaps there are discontinuities in your flight plan.
  2. Henry_C

    Pedestal text

    Okay, I understand. In my case it probably was a left-over from the previous version. I will send you a link via Private Message. Best wishes, Henry
  3. Henry_C

    PAWA Dominicana for FLY THE MADDOG X

    This is a bit much, thank you. No need for glasses either
  4. Beautiful! Thanks again. Best regards, Henry
  5. Wonderful, Roland. Thanks so much. Kind regards, Henry
  6. Henry_C

    PAWA Dominicana for FLY THE MADDOG X

    Dear Erik, What do you want to say? I guess you want this repaint. As you could have guessed from the image you attached yourself it has been uploaded and a simple search would have pointed you to Avsim. For your convenience I attach the download link below. Have fun. Cheers, Henry https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=203784
  7. Henry_C

    Pedestal text

    As I also wrote in that thread, in the model folder is a file called ORIGfokker50_interior.MDL. Just remove the ORIG in the filename (after backing up the fokker50_interior.MDL in another directory). Like I said this implies that not all of the latest improvements (like fuel quantity gauge) are effective. I hope it works for you until we get a proper update from Carenado. Cheers, Henry
  8. Henry_C

    Pedestal text

    Three weeks ago I reported this to Carenado. They answered that they would look into it, but no new information since then. Also take a look at my message in the thread below. Best regards, Henry
  9. Henry_C

    Fuel Qty gauge stuck?

    Was fixed in version 1.1.
  10. Henry_C

    Frame rates Struggling

    Very strange. Something seems to interfere. Over here no frame rate issues whatsoever. Sorry I cannot help. The only thing I could recommend is to shut off some other programs one by one. E.g. the MD-82 Maddog X turned out to CTD when VRS Tacpack was enabled. Regards, Henry
  11. Henry_C

    F50 LITE

    The area the pilots are in is the flight deck ;-)
  12. Henry_C

    Carenado Fokker F50 - Battery issue

    Tombollie, Why do you think the generators are on? As long as the two generator buttons are illuminated (showing "off"), the generators are OFF, not ON. This may be your mistake. For all kind of information (detailed subsystem manuals) for the F50 take a look at: http://www.smartcockpit.com/ Regards, Henry
  13. Henry_C

    Flying on one engine

    In another thread I mentioned that both vertical torque tapes respond to the left engine. So if you switch off the right engine, the right torque tape remains up, as long as the left engine is running. I did report this to Carenado a few days ago. They are looking into the issue. Regards, Henry
  14. Henry_C

    Carenado Fokker F50 - Battery issue

    My pleasure. Glad I could help. Cheers, Henry
  15. Henry_C

    Carenado Fokker F50 - Battery issue

    Did you switch on the generators? BTW, the flightdeck logic is such that buttons are not illuminated when they are in their normal state. Regards, Henry