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  1. This is slightly bizarre https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/gaming/console-games/xbox-one-flight-simulator-10194007-pdt.html
  2. Licensing of intellectual property is a very complex issue and it’s highly unlikely that Microsoft will even bother.
  3. Are you guys going to be supporting thew new MSFS?
  4. Many dollars have I spent on P3D and I'll happily drop it in an instant if MSFS is as good as it looks and runs better. It's progress.
  5. Love the checklist system. Makes it a lot more accessible than trying to learn from a PDF!
  6. I don’t think it’s cause for concern but I do understand people being a bit sceptical after the sudden closure of the ACES studio ten years ago.
  7. Kind of makes up for those of us not included in it! It’s odd though, access was due to start a month ago. I wonder why it’s been delayed and if it’s cause for concern.
  8. It does seem to of gone quiet on that, no mention of it at all in the last update. I wonder if anyone has been granted access yet?
  9. Much more of a geeky jaw drop compared to the previous visual jaw drop of the earlier videos. Make no mistake though. This sim is a whole different level to what we've had before. Bravo.
  10. Personally I love flying around New Zealand as it’s stunning and I’ve spent a fair bit of time there in real life so know it well. I really enjoy the western side of the states too but I think everywhere is going to be so much more enjoyable because of the whole different level of accuracy and visuals. It will take me a while but I’m planning on doing London to Sydney by GA when the sim is released. That will be fun.
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