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  1. Archer Feng

    FNTP II QTG software

    If anyone have access or know someone have access to build the software, please contact me! Thanks a lot!
  2. I am an simulator enthusiast,wondering if some one can build a FNTP II QTG software. my budget is $10,000
  3. Here is a video of iFSim's factory assembled a A320 flight simulator (factory is located in China). YouTube: iFSim A320 flight simulator Assembly Process
  4. Archer Feng

    take a look at our new B737 Yoke!

    Sorry guys, the $465 is a wrong number, the price should be $1200 for one Yoke..
  5. It is our new bulit A320 flight cockpit,the device was from iFSim, we were flying in it and choose the beautiful airport to make a video. iFSim.FTD.A320.Took off in the early morning at SH Pudong intel Airport-flight cockpit
  6. Archer Feng

    take a look at our new B737 Yoke!

    Hi! one yoke is about 465 dollars!
  7. Archer Feng

    New released B737 Throttle Quadrant!

    Hi Dornier!sorry for the delay in replying, yes it is motorized, and it's about 4890 dollars.
  8. I'm happy to introduce you with my new iFSim B737 Yoke! As you can see from the pictures, fluffy cushions have been added to the seats to increase comfort. Do you have the passion to sit on the seat and handle this professional Yoke by yourself?
  9. Archer Feng

    New released B737 Throttle Quadrant!

    thanks! I was also shocked after I saw those pictures lol
  10. Archer Feng

    New released B737 Throttle Quadrant!

    yeap! that's why we're really proud of it!
  11. A new B737 Throttle Quadrant was released from iFSim! We are going to build a new B737 flight simulator in our Simulation Laboratory. It is a super cool and super fresh one for our new B737 device. Really beautiful staff if you look into the details! learn more from: throttle quadrant | ifsim flight simulator
  12. CEASIOM framework is the outcome of EU PF6 Project SimSAC, it aims on the conceptual-preliminary design stage, and focusing on bringing the S & C earlier into the design. CEASIOM framework is being developed, within the past and on-going EU projects. Airinnova together with CFS Engineering, is working on developing CEASIOM in different perspectives. All my simulators are based on CEASIOM, pretty cool system
  13. Thanks for your suggestion, I'm new here lol I use P3D for Visuals, and it is based on CEASIOM .
  14. We are pleased to announce the delivery and acceptance of the iFSim.FTD.C172 in Wenzhou University, China. iFSim.FTD.C172 successfully won the bidding hold by Wenzhou government and entered General Aviation Flight Institute of Wenzhou University. The iFSim.FTD.C172 consists of visual display, flight cockpit and instruction station and it is built on the high fidelity and reliability, which has been through high frequency test. It is ideally suited to meet training requirements of beginners and surpass enthusiasts’ home-build requirements. If you are interested with it, here is the website:
  15. Archer Feng

    iFSim A320 Cockpit

    This iFSim.FTD.A320 flight simulator was launched in one Flight Experience Center located in Shenzhen , China, which is providing professional flight training to flying enthusiasts and experiencers. This is the one that will operate a fully equipped flight simulator for public use. Children were having fun with it. if you are interested, here is the official website: