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  1. Hello, I just bought the Just Flight Beechcraft Duchess 76 on Steam for FSX. One problem though: I cannot find where it's installed at all. It's not in the "Just Flight" folder in my FSX:SE directory, and I can't find it anywhere in SimObjects/Airplanes. This may be a stupid question, but I was wondering if anybody here that has the JF Duchess 76 knows where the heck this thing installs to? Or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough... Thanks.
  2. Hello. Before I buy the Lionheart Creations Quest Kodiak, I was just wondering: is there any good freeware models of the Kodiak (with a VC)? If there isn't I'll just go buy the Lionheart Creations one. Thanks!
  3. Hello all! I was just wondering if there was an easier and more efficient way to keep a steady speed in a plane without Autothrottle? The plane I usually fly in is the Cessna 172SP G1000, one of the default aircraft in FSX. The way I currently hold a steady speed is buy adjusting the throttle to a point where it stays at a certain speed. I would really like to know if there is a more easier way to hold a steady speed, or if there's not. Maybe there's a way to do an autothrottle-like thing? I usually try to keep a steady 100 knots, and I only use flaps when I'm taking off. I usually land at around 80-95 knots, much faster than you should. The plane still stops in time, though. Also, I use my keyboard as my "controller" and I use the mouse for Mouse Yoke. I'm planning on getting a CH Eclipse and CH Throttle Quadrant for Christmas this year, but the equipment for FSX that I have right now is pretty bad. It would be very well appreicated to tell me an easier way to hold a steady speed, if there even is an easier/more efficient way. Thanks!
  4. I also did try using the autopilot to take off. I set the speed for Autothrottle/Speed Hold to 200 knots, altitude for Altitude Hold to 4000 ft, and Vertical Speed to 1000. The results: one stall, and three successes. I only tried it four times in total on the Airbus A321. So I guess it is possible to use autopilot for take off? :V
  5. Thanks for the help guys. Just tried adjusting the elevator trim up a few times, and now it works! One thing I forgot to state in the original post is that even at speeds of over 200 knots, it still didn't pull up! I'm a little bit above a beginner flight simmer, so I really don't know what the elevator trim and stuff does (before you ask, I know what the rudders do...), but I do know how to effectively manage speed (only using the flaps and throttle, no speed brakes), I also know how to use autopilot except I don't know how to do ILS landings, etc. Since the elevator trim is one of the things I don't know how works, that's why I never really mess with it. I would've never thought about adjusting the elevator trim, though... I really need to research that stuff more. This is a bit Off-Topic, the rest of this post: Also, about the part of using the correct terms, isn't "take-off" and "pull up" the same thing? I know "pulling up" is just moving the control stick (whatever the heck it's called) down to make it ascend up. Doesn't "taking off" apply to the whole process from getting on the runway to getting off the ground? Now, "push up" and "push down"... yeah, that doesn't sound anything close to what I'm talking about. And "pushback"... well, everybody knows what Pushback is.
  6. The path the MD-88 for me is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\MD-88. Would putting it in DLC instead of SimObjects\Airplanes do anything?
  7. Hello there! Okay, so the issue I'm having is that with FSX add-on planes. The two add-on planes I'm having issues with, which both are freeware, is the MD-88, DH Dash 8-100, and the Embraer 190. Might be one more but I honestly don't remember any others. The names of the planes are hyperlinked to where I got them from. I installed all of them into my FSX:SE folder (that's the only version of the game I have), so FSX > SimObjects > Airplanes. I have all the gauges and effects and everything correctly installed for them. Is it a compatibility issue or something? All the places I got them from stated that they were for FSX. The website I got the Dash 8-100 from even had another version for FS9. I've been thinking about trying to set the altitude to about 5000, turning autopilot on, then putting throttle at full, so when I get enough speed to takeoff I just activate Altitude Hold and probably Autothrottle and Speed Hold too. That might just work if taking off manually doesn't. I really hope someone can help me out with this. :)
  8. Hello there. I literally just signed up, and I can't seem to post in any other section except the "New Member Forums". Is this to prevent spamming or something? I have not encountered any other kinds of forums that have this system...
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