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  1. Thanks guys, indeed it was somehow not activated. Running perfectly now. Thank you! Dimitrios
  2. Hey Nico, first of all: this is the best traffic app I have ever used in my life through my "flightsim carrer", a big compliment & Thank you to you! I have been running psx now already some months and last weeks I updated p3d to version 4.1 and have also done new installation of all add-ons. But apparently PSX is not showing traffic. (psx & real traffic working perfectly, but get error message in the status bar of psx: example. "AAL2257 B738 M N989NN LAX->ORD UTLIVE_73H.AAL.AAL.N918AN could not be created"... any idea? I have installed liveries of UT-live... Thank you Dimitrios
  3. ditrade74

    Ops Center, 747 stopping update

    ok - Thank you, So I will download complete installer then into. Of course I checked also changelogs, but there was nothing mentioned that I need to reinstall products (have same with 737NGX p3dv4) last question: how do I know that I download the latest version? Within Pmdg "previous orders" where I will redownload its not mentioned which version it is (version for 747 should be 3.00.8382, but dont find any hint here), perhaps would be good to mention it beside download link? Thank you so much Dimitrios Tsekmes
  4. Hi there, I have an issue with ops Center: when starting I am getting a notification that there is an update for the 747, after clicking on "install update" the installation starting (you can see shortly that ops center starting to download something), but then directly it changes back to the notification page and "no new notification" is shown. When I shutting down and restarting ops center again notification for update is shown, but cannot install the update (same case as above) Any idea? of course I have disabled also AV & firewall, but no success Thanks Dimitrios Tsekmes