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  1. Can you post your link???? please!!!!
  2. CesarSMX

    Operations center not installing in P3D v4.

    oh my god i solved this problem and I can not believe what was causing it. My freakin ISP is blocking those connections and i was unable to reach their servers!, BLOCKING!!! really!, I had to use a VPN so i could reach them. Im so mad right now!, Thank you for your time to read my bad english! Cesar Soto Martinez.
  3. CesarSMX

    Operations center not installing in P3D v4.

    I already did that, and i have the same problem. My prepar3d installation is not in "C:", i hope that is not the problem. Also when i am installing the plane, after the pmdg files are installed, a DirectX installation starts and hangs while checking files, so i need to close it, is that necesary? because i have that installed or it includes other files for the 737? Cesar Soto Martinez
  4. Hello i just bought this great plane yesterday, and i wanted to download some liveries, and when i got to the PMDG Operation Center Folder I just have 3 files there, "OpsCenterUpdater.exe", "PMDG_Icon.ico" and PMDG-OC-Manuakl.pdf". When I open OpsCenterUpdater as admin or not, it only says "Connecting to server" and then nothing happnes, the program quits by itself, and can not get the operation center, is it something with the p3dv4 version?? or i am missing something? I downloaded the file yesterday from PMDG, so i dont know what to do next. Please need some advice/help here. Cesar Soto Martinez.
  5. CesarSMX


    Thank you very much!! see you around!!!!
  6. CesarSMX


    Well I am new here! Hello everybody! I need to post some stuff on PMDG forums, but i need to be activated first! I am Having trouble with 737NGX not installing Operations center with p3d v4. Cheers!.