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  1. Diogenes84

    Activation Error

    Hi, I've tried after a long time to activate my 777 but i get a connection error, that the registration fails because of my internet connection. Internet works. Could it be that PMDG have to reset my counts of registrations`? The support Page doesnt works at the momemt hope a support could reset it.
  2. Diogenes84

    Unable to login in PMDG Account

    I've tried it with the IE browser than it works , firefox has problems with the login. dont know why.
  3. Diogenes84

    Unable to login in PMDG Account

    I've tried a new Password , same problem, my login information was not found. It is now important to wirte the emailadress like i registered it with Upper and lower cases? example Blabla@Blalala.com insteat of blabla@blabla.com?
  4. Hello PMDG changed their Password System so i made new one and saved it in my Browser. I wrote the correct Captcha but then i read " The login information you provided was not found in our database " I can ordner a new Password so i think my account must exist. Any supporter could help? regards