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  1. Hi Jean, thanks I sorted the problem.
  2. https://gyazo.com/b957325d81436a46e4ecc77ec30e20f1 It just done it again all scenery removed no addon scenery on in the Config
  3. Hi Jim, first of all thank you for the reply I have tried removing all scenery this is when I am first opening the Prepar3D.exe this is happening. Thanks
  4. Hello, so I have came across a problem lately within P3D v4.3 at random times I will launch P3D and a popup will appear on the splash screen and it will go to 6% loading terrain data and will not move from there, the only solution I have found is to let P3D build a new Prepar3D.cfg file but It is really annoying how every time it does this I need to fix all settings etc again, I am wondering if there is an alternative solution to solving this. Thanks
  5. Hi, I recently purchased the Saitek Yoke and throttle quadrant together, the yoke works fine but the throttle quadrant does not. The green light comes on but it is not recognized by the system or Flight Simulator. I can't update the drivers because with the software insert a USB when it is a DIN connection which connects into the side of the yoke. If anyone can help it would be great. Thanks
  6. Hi Hutzilo If u can on the FMC that is not working if its possible scroll up or down on the brightness and it may work had this problem in the PMDG 777
  7. Hi Ken for some reason it isn't showing me the pictures but I would advise when this happens to go direct to a different waypoint and it may fix the problem :)
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