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  1. But when I fly 10 times, no bugs appear in all 10 times. Is this not a problem?
  2. There is no bugs in the cockpit window when landing. I can not see at all. I check every day while flying, but the bugs is not attached. What should I do?
  3. Airport Map of pmdg 748 ND What files are scanning in the airport scenery file? Kim young ju
  4. http://C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\anigif.gif The engine is shaking. Is this normal?
  5. I have a request too. korean air 747-8i kim young ju
  6. I would like to take a look at the Korean air PMDG 748i screenshot before Release Kim young ju
  7. I know how long you've been waiting. We feel the same way. So don't ask, "When is the Release date?" The Release is getting very close. Kim young ju
  8. Isn't this a photo synthesis? Kim young ju
  9. Ha...... when will it be released... Kim Young ju
  10. I believe it will soon be released. Kim young ju
  11. Nice screenshot~ Thank you and We are waiting for release Kim younj ju
  12. Ready to buy. I hope it will be released soon. Kim Young Ju
  13. I hope the release is imminent. Kim young ju
  14. I am waiting too much ... KIM young ju
  15. It is so cool ~ I want to fly 748 quickly.
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