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  1. yes windwos does recoginze my joystick I can calibrate and everything threw windows settings
  2. Sorry I may not have explained enough. FSX literally does not even see my Joystick... Setting> controls .........No joy stick... Like its not there.. so the mouse yoke has really nothing to do with this....it also deselected of course
  3. Update. I uninstalled and reinstalled... still not working
  4. I had the logistic 3d pro... It stopped working so I figured it broke.... So I went out and bought the Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X........... also does not work.....So now I know its the game..1 week ago my joystick worked... I haven't downloaded anything new... I even did the steam game files check........ controller doesn't show up in FSX setting just has "free look" and "mouse yoke" of course I've tried different USB's... IDK what else to do... I don't want to uninstall becuse I have 2 PMDG'S...... GSX.... edok... addon secenery
  5. Thanks for the great info. Question how do I find the OEW of my 777 I looked threw every manual with search feature couldn't find anything
  6. So im creating this to figure out if im doing everything correctly. This is about the 777 and the "ROUTE" request feature. I have noticed a few things with this feature that i feel are not even close to accurate. For example lets say in sim brief I set my Extra Fuel, my cargo and my passengers. I then Generate my OFP(Flight plan) and download it threw the "ROUTE" feature. My 777 downloads data in the PERF INT page that doesn't even remotely match my Sim Brief flight plan, I'm not anywhere near an expert here but im pretty sure it is suppose to copy it correct? I also notice that the altitude my Flight plane gives me doesn't match what my 777 wants to do in the request feature. Completely different. Is this just because Sim Brief sucks or is this normal for the 777 to download completely different Data instead
  7. No Sir. All fresh flights started with LONG state. I have never flown a saved flight
  8. Title says it all. Anywhere and I mean anywhere I land I get caution terrain warning over and over and over until I land. Oh and on top of that when Im about 500 feet above the RWY I get "PULL UP" in red. Im full flaps 30. VREF Landing speed and gear down.
  9. The post above that you just sent had great information!! thank you!! One more question for you. tonight when I was flying I tried to Press Speed INTV and I couldn't deselect N1 Speed............ the Entire Speed Hold section was greyed out and I have no idea how to manual override it once Vnav and Lnav are active.
  10. Not at all what I was asking about. Sorry. Just curious as to how to get the error message away and learn how to keep it away
  11. Sorry I apologize I'm learning, new to all this. So anyway if I select the CDU "LEGS" Page in fight already with flight plan Executed at least for me it wont let me edit anything even if I Line select. For Example If I Line Select LEGS PAGE: MUPTT (Waypoint) and type 280/23000 it says "Invalid Entry". So I don't understand how you edit pre executed Waypoints
  12. Thank you again. Yes so I understand how to do this in steps. That part is pretty easy. However Lets say that I don't put in my landing information until im about 50 miles for T/D right. While in flight ATC gives me my clearance information for what runway to expect. So I go to input my STAR. Once I press EXCT how do I edit them considering there are already executed. I tried this by pressing DES page in FMC and I got very confused. how would you input the information? "Like this 280/23000"? How does it know what way point I want to adjust?
  13. So you never follow the FMC really in decent? just kind of use it as a guide line I guess? You still use LNAV though right? Once ALT INTV is pressed VNAV disengages correct? or I may be wrong.. Actually I believe it just changes your current FMC data right? VNAV will still be active.
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