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  1. zludwick92

    Livery Manager

    Scrap this, my DPI was too high...
  2. zludwick92

    Livery Manager

    So, I want to add some liveries to the NGX and noticed that the add liveries button was not on my ops center screen. I went through my 777 and 747 and noticed the same issue. Do I need to reinstall the ops center entirely? I also noticed that my computer would let me get full screen on my ops center. Zach Ludwick
  3. zludwick92

    FSX:SE and the 777

    My favorite bird isn't working. I recently download FSUIPC to work with other addons I got for my sim, and since then, my 777 won't load into FSX multiplayer. I like to do group flights there and I would like to have it. My NGX works fine.
  4. zludwick92

    Which PMDG aircraft?

    Popular, probably the 747. Easiest, 777. Most manuals, who knows. It's PMDG, whatever you buy is going to be great. As I assume you a newcomer to PMDG, I would get the 747. Zach Ludwick
  5. zludwick92

    Next product of PMDG

    Thats true, I wouldn't mind an MD-80 series.
  6. zludwick92


    That makes sense, and I'm not subscribed to any navdata
  7. zludwick92

    PMDG 777 - Nothing Works

    Not to create another thread, but does the activation issue also apply with the new update? Having issues on FSX:SE as well(only multiplayer.) Zach Ludwick
  8. zludwick92

    Next product of PMDG

    There is no way PMDG would make an Airbus
  9. zludwick92

    Next product of PMDG

    Welcome to the Forums! There has been a lot of intrest here, but i think it was Kyle Rogers that said he disliked the plane. He brought up the look of the plane, but who knows, they made a DC6. Zach
  10. zludwick92


    Just a quick question: Why can't PMDG have the latest AIRAC data in their updates? Just wondering. Zach Ludwick
  11. zludwick92

    Next product of PMDG

    What you said is exactly what everyone else is saying. I think we will be impressed.
  12. zludwick92

    Next product of PMDG

    You made a really good point there. As an FSX simmer, the whole P3D issue is irrelevant(hehe) to me. But yes I would agree they have considered a 787, but in multiple forum posts Rordanzo and Rogers have said that the developers are somewhat tired of mid to long range airliners. I know a few people want a 772ER, but I would hope to think that maybe an MD80, C17, even a AN125 would be coming. Something new
  13. zludwick92

    Update Installer Issue

    Awesome, found it. Thank You!
  14. zludwick92

    Next product of PMDG

    Everyone who says a 787 next after the 748 is completely overlooking the QualityWings 787. It looks really nice and PMDG has no reason to make it for the next decade. I hope they go with something different than mid-long haul/size airliners. I know people really want the 75/76 (hell the QW757 is the most popular plane in FSPilotShop.) Lets see something different. A C-17 hopefully...
  15. zludwick92

    Update Installer Issue

    Just curious, is the full installer the download url? It made sense to me following the instructions on the OC for the installer. Zach