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  1. Daveyfly

    Strange Colurs on Centere Post

    does anyone else have this problem? it gets worse the longer using the cockpit view or switching back from other views
  2. Daveyfly

    Strange Colurs on Centere Post

    I Have a screen grab of it, but don't know how to paste it here???
  3. Daveyfly

    Strange Colurs on Centere Post

    Hi I am getting strange colours on the centre post in Cockpit view, (its ok when I choose Virtual Cockpit view), when I look out of the Captain window (using 'HAT' key) and returning the centre post changes colour 'Green, bright Green, Blue, Red etc mainly near the 'wet compass.. I have updated my Graphics driver, and same trouble Using PMDG 737-800 (same happens using -900) P3Dv4 Win 10 Geforce GTX 970 thanks David Ward
  4. Hi, I remember some years back when I had purchased the older PMDG737 that I was able to find a repaint Guide, I wonder if anyone here could point me to one for the newer PMDG 737NGX I have found one page of the tutorial dated 2005!! and it was from Peter Sterling (graphic designer for PMDG) but sadly I have lost all other pages thanks in Advance if you can help Dave Ward
  5. Daveyfly

    737 NGX Crash after load from p3d menu

    Just curious, has the newer windows 10 update fixed the problem as I don't want to install it if its still a problem as the KB4038788 update David Ward
  6. Daveyfly

    Has a fix been sorted after loading 737 NGX

    To be honest I have no clue to what or who LM is ,,, as to the quote you sent back I find that rather offensive,, if you read CAREFULLY or read it twice before you come in head strong, what I simply said that because I (haven't seen) any more quotes about the MS update crash and guys now just reporting other problems, then I took it that there been a fix to the problem here at PMDG, as I certainly had no fix to the problem because I couldn't even open and run the programme,, I don't know if this happens anywhere else in the world, but here in the U.K., we value our customers, and I think you should to, because without us paying the money, you would not be at the situation as you are now, I have truely supported PMDG mainly 737 well back on first release, so I would kindly ask you to read your posts in more detail rather than jump in as I have many times seen you do on other members posts ,,,,,,
  7. Daveyfly

    Has a fix been sorted after loading 737 NGX

    does everyone have to roll back the windows update each time you turn on their PC so as to run the flight sim, or is there a work round so as not to spend unnecessary time rolling back/uninstalling windows update each time?
  8. Daveyfly

    Has a fix been sorted after loading 737 NGX

    ok thanks, that's what I have done (un-install latest win 10 update ) it works fine there then on, but the headache you get when two or so days later you find windows is AGAIN downloading the problematic KB4038788 and cant stop it, only then again having to un install it argh Microsoft what have you done.. PrePar3D has replied to me saying they looking into it as well so fingers crossed to see if they find anything lets just all hope all will be ok, but what I'm worried about if Microsoft yet again sends out another update on top of this one and that to is playing up, will we only be able to uninstall that one only to find we then get 'rolled' back to the offending one
  9. Has a fix been sorted for the PMDG 737-800/900 for the crash after loading the aircraft into P3D v3, I have been advised that its absolutely nothing to do with scenery add ons ( the programme still crashes on loading a default airport) this is all because of a window update I believe,, but noticed posts on the forum about things other than the crash problem,, have I missed an update or fix to the problem? David Ward win 10, PMDG737-800/900, P3Dv3, using UK2000 scenery..EGKK,EGLL,EGCC , EGJJ etc
  10. Daveyfly

    NGX Crashing on Load

    Have I missed something, or has there been a fix to the crashing of PMDG 737 when loading, as I'm still having trouble and it seems people are posting things other than the crash of PMDG 737 upon loading David Ward win 10, P3Dv3
  11. Daveyfly

    747 crashing FSX

    Has this been resolved, as this is to me and others is a serious problem, have been using this software (P3Dv3, PMDG 737, UK scenery for ages)with no problems, is there a easy fix or update due soon? total mess David Ward
  12. Daveyfly

    NGX Crashing on Load

    I'm too having trouble, same as you, default (or any other aircraft loads, but when trying to load PMDG 737, it crashes,, noticed there was a updaye to win 10 earlier on , wondered if that the problem
  13. Hi, I cannot see any aircraft in the Livery Managers page using the Operations Center, I have downloaded two aircraft liveries for the B737NGX 800 WL, but none show in the Livery Managers page, but they do show and work when i run P3Dv3 and select the aircraft livery, I have clicked also the 'Green, click to add' button and it says to select a 'PMDG Texture Packs (*.ptp) file, but I have used search on my PC, and they are not been able to locate any such file, can you help?