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  1. hello I don't know if I'm in the right place, if not I'd thank for you to direct me to the right place. I have win11, pmdg 737-8 and mcp 1, the latest linda and fsuipc7 I can't assign any buttons in mcp Thanks Menachem
  2. Hi no change, the same situation on the right cdu even the line #1 exists if you want that i'll send you the sdk file send me a mail
  3. Hi and thanks I checked the file and saw that it has 3 lines instead of 4. I added the missing line and started the simulator, the situation remained unchanged, I checked the file again and again I saw that it was missing a line. I added the line again, and made sure that the line indeed remained in the file, I ran the simulator, the situation was unchanged and the examination of the file revealed that it was missing a line again. The missing line is: EnableCDUBroadcast.0=1 when i check the icon of aviaserver ( right click ) i notice that after i make the connection i always have 3 connection line' is it normal ?
  4. In my pc browser is the same, the press on the buttons impact on the sim's cdu but the screen of the pc's cdu is black/ i don't understand what you ask me to check thanks
  5. Hi After syncing the CDU to PMDG 737 the CDU screen on the tablet remains black without the content appearing in the CDU on the server. When I press one of the keys on the CDU on the tablet the mark appears on the CDU screen on the server without any mark on the CDU screen on the tablet. I do not know if it is related but after the link, appears on the server next to the AVIA icon such there are 3 links between the server and any device. i posted a topic to the support but i didn't get any answers thanks Menachem
  6. hi i sent the file to you thanks
  7. Hello i have mc combo 1 I moved from fsx to fsx se, i did all the steps that are described in the download forum. all the buttons and knobs work well except: 1. the user buttons ( 1-8 ), it doesn't get my assign 2. the "crs" knob, when i push it , it isn't changed to the second thanks for the help Menahem
  8. can you ex[lane the line " Select FSXSync ON (orange box)." i don't understand what is the orange box ? thanks
  9. Hi i have mcp combo 1 , i installed the vrinsight , linda and every thing is ok ( green ) but the mcp combo doesn't do any thing on the pmdg 737ngx win 10 , fsx steam edition thanks Menachem
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