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  1. Hello everybody... as we know this was fixed but not in a stable way (force feedback effects need to be reactivated for every flight!)... is there any progress being made since the last patch?
  2. Hi Chris... any news about the Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 compatibility issues?
  3. Wouldn't it be simpler for Dovetail to just rollback the Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 block instead of forcing us to buy 3rd part software?
  4. I THINK I GOT THIS! Windows recognizes the joystick from its internal properties - meaning from the peripheral itself. The old model of the Force Feedback 2 (dark grey buttons) is declared as a generic joystick; the recent one (silver buttons) is declared as 'Sidewinder Force Feedback 2' - it's likely that the software checks just that, therefore the working joysticks are of the old model. New models are automatically inhibited by Flight Sim World - now: why is it so? My joystick was working just fine! Are you going to work on it anytime in the future, Dovetail?
  5. I did check my config file... there is no "joystick=0" line - also, all other force feedback joystick I own work just fine. It's clear only the Sidewinder 2 is specifically inhibited by Dovetail as per the v2 release notes. Aimee, Chris, whoever: are you going to look into this? It worked just fine in v1!
  6. What version of Windows are you using, Brogy? What version of the joystick driver are you using?
  7. I had no issues to be sincere... I wonder what complaints they could have received. Why not create a patch to turn on/off whatever modification they did to the code? So the Sidewinder 2 owners can try their luck... :)
  8. Hi there... still no news about this? Did anybody find a workaround, such as modifying the .cfg file? :)
  9. Cheers Chris; let us know if this changes - in the meantime a simple manual edit of the configuration files might be ok! ^_^
  10. Chris, any idea when the compatibility with the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 force feedback effects is going to be restored? Kindly let us know - thanks in advance!
  11. Hi all! The first beta of FSW seemed to be fully compatible with the Sidewinder Force Feedback 2. Following update then removed this capability, claiming it would crash the game for some users. It was not my case. Any chance Dovetail can make this compatibility a on/off thing or a manual patch? Even a line change in a config file would do... Issue is I'm quite accustomed to flying with Force Feedback. Plus I've invested a considerable amount of money and time in acquiring, repairing and overhauling my joystick. I was really hoping I could use it with what looks to be the next great flight simulator. I'm aware other force feedback peripherals work (I own a Logitech Force 3D pro) but the force isn't nearly as strong and the immersion is therefore lacking. Let me have your thoughts... if somebody from Dovetail reads this, first thing: congratulations on an exciting project, and secondly: help! ^_^ - Sam
  12. Happy to finally join the community! My name is Sam, I've been a flight simmer since the old DOS days... I'm trying to post in the FSW forum. When does my 'grace period' expire? ^_^ Thanks in advance!
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