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  1. ultron77

    Departure runway

    Thanks for the hint! But I use the X-Plane KI planes because P2A takes these into account when generating ATC announcements. WT3 planes are only "ghosts" for P2A.
  2. ultron77

    Departure runway

    Thats exactly what I always do 🙂
  3. ultron77

    Departure runway

    ok, thank you, I will check this! But is it not possible to check any X Plane parameter in order to use the same runway at Auto Plan?
  4. Hello, my problem still is that P2A by using Auto Plan in most cases uses a different departure runway than X Plane's KI-planes In many cases the arrival runway is the opposite runway (for example P2A says departure runway 09L, and X Plane uses the arrival runway 27R). No matter which weather source I use. So there are different active runways and I always have to select the active runway and sid manually. Is there a way to syncronise P2A and X Plane?
  5. ultron77

    Navigraph 1705

    Ah, thank you! But why P2A uses 1705, if xplane uses 1610 "out of the box"? So often xplane doesn't know some sids or stars or I have some discountnuity if I export a flight plan from P2A to xplane.
  6. Hi, where I can get cycle 1705 for x plane? My version still is 1610, so there are problems by importing the flight plan into the fmc.
  7. ultron77

    No TOD-instructions

    Great! Thanks for this feedback! P.S. I tried version 2.5.1, no problems anymore!
  8. Hello! With version 2.5. I more often get no descent instructions by the ATC when I reach the TOD waypoint. Also the descent announcement is missing. If I descent anyway, ATC tells me again and again to stay at cruise altitude and I get no other instructons until I reach the destination airport. There is no matter from which or to which airport. .