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  1. Thank's for the tip Gazpatt, I'll give it a try on the next flight. /Oskar
  2. Hi, I guess I will have to try the voice then, Also thanks for a great product, I'm using it throughout my fleet. /Oskar
  3. Hi and thanks for the replay, Yes I tried to engage VNAV manually and that worked, the thing is I would've preferred to have the FO do it by pressing the FS2Crew buttons, thing seems to be I don't get the option to do so until after flap retraction/climb CL, this creates a catch 22 for me since I'm not able to accelerate to flap retraction speed before VNAV has been engaged. Best regards Oskar
  4. Hi all, My first post on the forum. I am having some problem with the initial climb using FS2Crew button control and Maddog X 64b (1.3 b317) in P3D V4.3. I am most probably doing something wrong but here's my problem: I cant ask (press) for the VNAV engagement until after flap/slats retraction and climb CL have been performed, This seems to make acceleration impossible since the FD continues to demand a V2+10 pitch. Could it just be that the FD bars shouldn't be followed during climb? Any inputs or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Best regards Oskar
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