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  1. Hi I want to know about stick settings, how the stick sensitivity and stick movement related.
  2. Hello, I have a question about the joystick setting. My favorite is NGX, and I 'm using cyborg v1 stick. I'm using P3D default setting now and I feel it is too sensitive for Boeing aircraft. (because I heard Airbus sidestick is sensitive but Boeing's yoke is less sensitive.) So, I will change my stick sensitivity but I don't know what setting is most realistic setting for NGX... So I need some help!! Wonwoo.
  3. Chowonwoo

    PMC in CFM56 engine

    And EEC in 737-800 or PMC in 737CL is irrelevant with A/T? And I want to know EEC can control power (N1) or just prevent the engine accident??
  4. Chowonwoo

    PMC in CFM56 engine

    Hello, I have question about engine system of CFM56. I visited 'Smartcockpit' and I found 'Engine Regulation of CFM engine'. I read that and I found something interesting thing on that manual. PMC. When I saw that and I think that is part of EEC, but I keep read about PMC, and I found more interesting thing. Manual saying "When PMC on, PMC on, PMC control power, but when PMC off, pilot must control power." I learned EEC is only prevent flameout or another abnormal situation, not control power, but PMC control power. That meaning PMC is autothrottle? Or PMC is difftent with autothrottle? I want to know that. Quick answer please.
  5. Hi I have problem about cyborg v1 stick driver. I am using Windows 10 OS. And I downloaded cyborg v1 stick driver from Saitek Official site. After install driver, I run it. But It keep say searching controller. How can I do?
  6. Chowonwoo

    Question about bank angle.

    I think you guys said Use rudder for small correction for the maintain centerline Use bank for the maintain wing level. No winds, Just pitch control right?
  7. Chowonwoo

    Half standard rate turn???

    Hello. I learned about standard rate turn. But there is another thing I don't know- Half standard rate turn. I have Question about half standard rate turn. We use half standard rate turn for maintain centerline on the runway? Fast answer please!
  8. Chowonwoo

    Question about bank angle.

    We have to use rudder to landing at centerline?
  9. Chowonwoo

    Question about bank angle.

    I wanted to talk about Final approach... not turning for capture the LOC...
  10. Chowonwoo

    Question about bank angle.

    Hi all. I wondered about bank angle. My question is pretty simple. When we doing approach and if we disengage autopilot, and LOC is estabilished, we will do turn for landing at centerline at Runway, right? When we do turn for the landing at centerline, we turn with standard turn bank angle?? (TAS/10+5) Thank you and please give me answer fast as possible!!
  11. Hello. I have some problem to landing with PMDG737NGX. I will explane my situation. 1) I pushed VOR LOC button when empty diamond appeared. 2) I pushed APP button and I checked localizer captured. 3) When glideslope captured, I pushed CMD B. 4) SINGLE CH is not appeard at PFD, but LAND3 appeard when 1,500ft. I enter ILS frequency at NAV1,2 and I active that. What is matter?? help me please
  12. Chowonwoo

    PMDG737NGX TOGA problem...

    I have a problem at takeoff... when I set parking break and I made 40%N1. And I push TOGA button and parking break off. TOGA mode engage but it go to idle thrust soon.
  13. Chowonwoo

    Landing N1

    Can I culculate Approach and Landing N1 without FMC?? And what is TURB N1 in 737-800 CRZ page??
  14. Chowonwoo

    Landing N1

    OMG I am Korean!!! too hard to read. . . but I think really thank to you~~
  15. Chowonwoo

    Landing N1

    can you explane why FMC do not culculate Approach and Landing N1?? I want to know that. And can you give me some tips ot control throttle, please?? (P.S- I have joystick and It contain throttle...)