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  1. I'm still thinking the new sim is going to be kind of a streaming sim and you have to pay every month for the service..
  2. They really have to put VATSIM or something similar in different levels and depending how professional you're you can access that room and been compatible with Live AI traffic next year all GA going to have ADS B out by law at least in US and Canada.. So every plane even from Venezuela of Mexico that want to fly to US need the ADS B.. And that means that would be uploaded to the sim in real time.. And VR a real solution to VR.. Of course an engine weather in real time like Active Sky..
  3. I just read something from a website that supposed to make an interview from someone in the development team.. And they said the SIM is 2 Petabytes of information.. So that’s like 2,000 terabytes? Hahaha I hope its a joke.. I was thinking on updating my GPU no the HDD... But that give us an idea of a cloud game.. that downloads everything from the internet, plus there are lots of companies working like Aerosoft, Orbx, Carenado, PMDG.. So I’m guessing there would the no need for tweaking the game, and you’ll will download everything and maybe yo don’t need a NASA’s PC to running it for the same reason.. In the downside read something about paying every month for the game something about 20USD.. And make sense since it has to be sign in the Microsoft severs in order to play, and its the same reason its going to be compatible with Xbox.. Of course this is just a hypothesis i just made, i might be completely wrong..
  4. It looked amazing which makes sense.. Cuz GPU now are definitely beyond games requirements.. For example theres GTA V videos with lots of tweaks looking almost the same and that's a game from 2013.. Now on PS4 or Xbox there are driving games with the same quality of the MSFlight trailer.. And we are talking about consoles hardware imagine in a PC.. I'm pretty sure this is a new game.. Which means that nothing we now and have for older versions like MSFX will be compatible.. And for the last its says simulator in the title, the last sim didn't say it.. It was just flight.. The only 2 concerns for me by now are, in order to have the realism to a whole new level you have to be using VR and if this game it's going to be full integrated in VR then will be amazing, with 5.1 o 7.1 audio output.. And second the massive hardware will need so let's start saving cuz assuming latests GPU are 1500USD this will be no cheap in anyway.. And I believe Intel is going to release new GPU's.. Now every info at the game will be connected to a server.. For example the WX or the cities like Google Maps 3D.. So again we may be required to update the internet connection.. Let's see how this going..
  5. I just did that no success.. Somehow i manage to get my 31fps back, erase everything and follow that order: Base (good no problem) -- Vector (good, but i noticed there was a hood with night textures, no big deal) -- OpenLC NA ( total mess).. Im starting to get desperate..
  6. I just uninstall from FTX all the add-ons but still showing FTX zBase, plus somehow i just lost 10fps, even with less add-ons..
  7. Steve you mean all of them? It took for ever to download them.. Even with a high speed connection.. BTW what is the order.. Base pack -- Vector -- OpenLC -- Trees -- Lightning -- NorCal -- SoCal -- Airports?
  8. I might be wrong but something looks different haha.. Everything was perfect, i just install thru FTX V3.2.5.9. - FTX BASE - FTX VECTOR - FTX OPENLC NORTH AMERICA - FTX TREES HD - FTX LIGHTS CONFIGURATOR - FTX OPEN LC MESH SOUTH AMERICA - ORBX LIBRARIES WHAT COULD BE HAPPENING? Specs: i7 7700K (not OC) 770 GTX 2gb SLI 16gb ram DDR4
  9. Thank all of you for the fast reply.. So i just decided to buy it because, why not..? In my country is just 10USD plus i had credit on my steam account so hoping the next updates would be free.. FSW was practically free for me.. Now an other thing since is just basically FSX..People are just starting to figure out how to use the planes from FSX to FSW.. And hopefully airports too.. Here is the link.. I think he didnt copy all the gauges thats why they dont get the AP working.. But at least is something.. Im downloading FSW is 15Gb+/- so when is finish i definitely going to make some experiments but its nice people is getting involve and FSW getting more attention..
  10. I just realize there is a new sim called FSW from Dovetail, which i really dont know anything from them.. And i have some questions that hopefully can be answer.. ---------------------------------- Is this a brand new sim, like from zero..? Or is something like P3D which is basically FSX with some patches.. ? Cuz someone said this was FSX with DXT11.. And that is very disappointing.. I read something that FSW has ORBX Global and Vector is this true? Is Carenado involved? If is based on FSX can you install add-ons from FSX to FSW? Is it worth it? ------------------------------------- I believe P3D V4 is very popular cuz is very stable = no CTD anymore plus is a 64bits sim which i think can handle more than 4gb of ram than fsx.. Does FSW too? With one purchase of FSW you get all the updates or every Update cost 25USD..? Why does any big company like EA Games, Ubisoft or even Rockstar Games cant make a sim.. I think is a very profitable industry if not ask Lockheed Martin, Xplane, Microsoft.. I really hope this is the real NEW SIM and not just an update like P3D.. We deserve it its been 11years from the last MSFS, i remember when MSFS make a new sim every 2 years, if MSFS didnt stop making FSX would look like real by now.. Thanks for your time and patience.. BTW this is what other gamers have and they just install the game and use no tweaks or extra add-ons: This is what we have P3D V4 still looking like FS9 And this is FS9 or FSX or even P3D V4 ..?
  11. Mmm sadly that trainer is from 2007 :/ Thanks anyways..
  12. Well for some reason i wasnt able to post my question in the correct subforum.. So i apologize for that.. I have this problem i just reinstalled the RXP GNS 430WAAS, and as far as i was able to understand downloading the latest GTN trainer should come with the Basemap.bin, so i download it from here (http://download.garmin.com/software/GTN_GDU620PCTrainer_6211.zip) and i install it but there is only .dll file not a single .bin So im i installing the wrong trainer? Is there anyone who has the latest files that can share it to me? Thanks again for your time and help..
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