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  1. HeLord

    Prepar3d V4.4 orbx problems

    I had two CTDs with FSLabs A319, AS4, orbx LOWI just after takeoff RWY 08. Then I tried with different aircrafts, no CTD. After that it didn't happen anymore with FSLabs A319.
  2. I am running 4K with 1070 and 7700K. Performance is acceptable with FSLabs most times. I think you'll do fine with 1440p.
  3. I don't think that there are any specific magic setting, because every system is different. Load your plane on your most dense airport and adjust your settings so you can fly there reasonably well.
  4. HeLord

    FlightSim Labs A320X/A319X

    I agree that FSLabs VC cockpit textures look cartoonish compared to FlightFactor. It's not a biggie, but I hope they upgrade them in future. Then it will be perfect!
  5. HeLord

    UTL and ORBX problem

    Thanks for pointing this out, Mike! I will use this method just in case.
  6. HeLord

    UTL and ORBX problem

    When you select Vector from FTX Central, there is an option "Verify files". It will check file integrity. I let it run and after that it was fine.
  7. HeLord

    UTL and ORBX problem

    OK, got it working. I verified the ORBX Vector files and after that it was fine.
  8. HeLord

    UTL and ORBX problem

    I could not find ESSA in the VECTOR configurator tool. I don't have Global Ultimate. Thanks for help! I have no idea what try next and Flight1's support wasn't too keen to help so I'll ask for refund.
  9. I have a 65" Samsung TV and I sit around 3 feet from it. I like it, no problems with pixel size. Very immersive!
  10. HeLord

    UTL and ORBX problem

    ORBX Support said to look for conflicting files, but UTL is not adding any files. And my own aircraft is on normal elevation, only AI aircraft is affected. ORBX ESSA for example. Mesh is set to 5m.
  11. HeLord

    UTL and ORBX problem

    Thanks for the reply! I tried it, but unfortunately it didn't solve the problem.
  12. HeLord

    UTL and ORBX problem

    Hi! I just purchased Ultimate Traffic Live and got it up and running easily. I have one problem. All UTL AI planes are few feet below terrain. My own plane is on normal elevation. All default airports are working fine with UTL. I asked for help from both companies support forums, but did not get solution yet. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!
  13. HeLord

    CPU-GPU temperatures

    OP, your temperatures are perfectly normal! If you go much over 80 then I would look into more powerful cooling solutions.
  14. HeLord

    What are good things to get for P3D v4?

    Yes, Envtex and REX TD are doing the same thing, replacing default textures with better ones. I have question about meshes. I am flying only in Europe and I have ORBX Global, Vector, OpenLC Europe, HD Trees, Envtex and PTA installed. Does a mesh product add anything to this combo? I am mostly flying airliners at FL350. I noticed that Toposim has 50% sale this weekend. Thanks!
  15. HeLord

    Best airports in XP11

    EFVA is a great one. I believe it was a payware, but now it's released as freeware. Great for a trip with Challenger 300 from ESSA!