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  1. Noio

    anyone tried the justflight otter?

    Nice discussion. Did anyone have the chance to try both planes, Milviz and Just Flight? Thanks
  2. Can you recommend any environmental ground sounds add-ons in order to give the sim more immersion on small airports for bush flights? Is there any sound package with birds, animals sounds on the background? After some search on Google it seems there are few add-ons some of them very old. Thank you
  3. Great to see Dornier DO-228 on X-Plane 11. By the way is there a list of the key differences with the FSX version? Thanks
  4. Noio

    Losing faith

    I agree that nowadays there is such a competition on flight simulators that enrich the flight simulation hobby. Despite its differences (a MSFS sucessor -FSW- vs physics based on realistic behaviour -X-Plane-) it is great that both developers teams are hosting streams or Q&A sessions, talking to the community, improving those flight simulators. In my opinion, as it is said above, an Air Hauler add-on or similar is a good way to give a purpose for flying from A to B. It would be great that those flight simulators include some kind of career mode in order to give some challenge, as it was by obtaining licenses on MS Flight Simulator. (I remember the diplomas of MSFS 1998 with your own name).
  5. Thanks for your comments. Seems an interesting plugin. I remember the developer was being helped by another dev. Thank you
  6. Sadly, according to the description of Air Hauler 2, this product is not going to be developed for X-Plane 11. Do you know if Air Huler 1 X-Plane version runs on X-Plane 11? In addition, could you recommend any airline management for X-Plane. I find that Air Hauler allows to manage an airline or pilot carrer without an internet connection, or using a server. What airline managers do you use. Does "FS Economy" or "FS airlines" runs well with X-Plane? Do you recommend any other. Thanks
  7. i'm a new in AVSIM and impressed on how much enthusiasm is here. Thank you for all your comments. It's true there are a lot of content on forums, youtube and developer websites. Nevertheless, the reason why I posted the topic was because, despite "PC Pilot", I would like to know if there are another similar magazines you could recommend. Thank you another time for your opinions.
  8. Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate your opinions. Despite nowadays it is very easy to have news on every development via Facebook, Tweeter, forums and email subscription, maybe printed or on line magazines allows to have some extent reviews on the latest add-ons.
  9. Could you please recommend me a flight simulator magazine? I have consulted "PC Pilot". Don't know if there are others printed or on line magazines. In addition, if you search "Computer Pilot" it seems to have stopped publishing numbers since some time ago. It's possible it has been transformed into "Flight" -a German magazine. There are other free magazines as "PC Pilots", published by Thanks!