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  1. Hey everyone, First all, congrats to Leonardo SH team for this awesome addon, it's for sure THE must have of early 2018 ! But - because there's always a but - I found out after my first flight that some parts of the model could be improved: -First, the most obvious one..wingflex ! On the addon, the wings seem flat or a bit toward ground during the complete flight. IRL, wingflex is really more pronounced as seen below (sorry flatearthers, you see the curve ) Then, there's the flaps animations, not much to say aside from the fact it's not smooth at all compared to the other surfaces And last but not least; the virtual cockpit height, it was something that I already saw during previews, but that I confirmed by doing some quick maths... ...test*** So I made a simple comparison between the position of the exterior windscreen and the interior one, and the result is that the virtual cockpit is easily ~1m above where it should be Regards
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