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  1. I have been on the fence whether to buy this aircraft or not. I see a lot of forums where people ask if they should buy this aircraft but i didn't really find the answer on YouTube or in any forum. So is it worth it considering its the only A340 available for P3D V4? What would be the pros and cons? Thanks (Not looking to buy the A330 from Black Box as we have aerosoft on the task)
  2. Thanks guys for all the replies i this really gave me an insight and will be buying some of these for sure 🙂
  3. Hi guys i was wondering if anyone could recommend me any South American destinations that are not SAEZ, SCEL, SBGR, SBGL, SEQM. I don't mind none compatible P3D V4 as i can get it to work and i'm really keen on expanding my South American destinations. Thanks very much
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