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  1. Thank you for the reply, Kris. Unfortunately I'm having the problem even when saving only with FSX and not FSUIPC. I'll try and manually save the panel and see if that makes any difference... Edited to add: This gave me some more things to test...right now I use FSUIPC to control my yoke/pedals ("Enable Controllers" is turned off in FSX). I'm wondering if that could be causing the issue. I will mess around with this tonight and report back.
  2. Hi, all - I am having an issue when trying to load saved flights in the 737 NGX. I am using FSX:SE and have been flying the 737-800 WL Delta livery. First off, the plane loads up and flies perfectly. I have had zero issues when starting a new flight on the ground or during a flight. I have been trying to save and reload flights in order to free up some VAS. My current process has been to start a flight with a cold and dark cockpit, get the plane running and in flight, and get to TOC. Once stabilized in cruise I would save the game (have tried both through the FSX file menu as well as using FSUIPC autosave). Then I quit FSX completely and restart. When FSX loads I click Free Flight (my default flight is still the base trike flight), and then click Load. Selecting the save, it loads up and I see the plane in the right spot in the sky and the right attitude -- however, the second the panel configuration loads, all heck breaks loose. Once the green bar appears and I actually see the panel state restored, the plane begins violently oscillating, both side to side and up and down. Immediately the "BANK ANGLE" annunciator is going off, and the plane is all over the place. Once the countdown stops, the plane is just uncontrollable and usually results in an overstressed failure within seconds. I've tried to hit slew once the flight loads, which does hold the plane in position...however, once the countdown is over the plane is inoperable, the engines are not started and the displays are dark. I'm not really sure what to do at this point -- I don't know what would send the plane into such violent maneuvers -- it isn't that the engines haven't started yet and the plane has started to nose down and glide (which seems to be normal for most users loading a flight), but rather it is as if there is some crazy control input being sent to the plane. I've tried loading with my yoke and pedals disconnected to make sure they weren't sending some bad signals, but same thing. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the NGX, same result. When I get home today I will try a few things - first, saving and loading a flight while on the ground and seeing how the plane reacts. Two, trying a different livery and seeing if that helps anything. If anyone has any ideas for how I can get this to work I would be very appreciative. I'm happy to send logs/save files or any other info you need to help troubleshoot this. Thank you for the help, Jim Armstrong
  3. Hi, Jim - I just signed up and also have a PMDG support issue I am trying to get some help on. I saw the above about the 24 hour waiting period, but if you have a chance to approve my account before then it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jim Armstrong
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