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  1. Hey πŸ‘‹ After pushing back with PBE (voice control, if that matters) after the command β€žstop pushbackβ€œ, the Brake Fan button lights up in the FBW A320. Does nit happen everytime, but about 50% of the time. any idea, am i doing something wrong? Bypass pin option is not checked and im not using manual brakes to stop pushback. Parking brake is off while pushing of course. Thanks PS: I hope you dont mind that im back Bryan... πŸ™‚ The tutorial did wonders and i enjoyed the FBW version and PBE to the fullest on my latest flights, its just awesomely immersive and works flawless now!
  2. Did you uninstall vie Windows control panel? As said, it jut left the folders in my community folders. theres not too much one can do wrong when clicking on uninstall. πŸ™‚ Maybe because im using Steam version and a custom path for the communityfolder? Idk... it is how it is... i deleted the remaining folders manually. I just tought to let you know, in case other peoples are running into the issue....
  3. Yeah, im absolutely familiar with setting up an easy A320 and i understand it is not a Cessna. I just assumed that FS2CREW is including checklists and stuff, but assuming things is never a good thing... As older products had Checklists included, as i read somewhere, i just tought that would be the case here too. But obviously, this isnt the case. I really recommend you, for new users and users interested in your products, to get more information out there about what it is and is not before they have to buy it. But this info is a bit rare and one can only really find out when trying the product out. As yourself are calling it a "complex product", what it obviously is, there should be anything like a documentation, manual, or a Youtube video showing a full flight with the product.
  4. Yeah i see, but honestly this should be mentioned atleast somewhere, for example in a manual or a FAQ or know issues, readme, anywhere atleast... BTW, the uninstallation precess is incomplete and causes MSFS to lock up at the next start! I uninstalled PBE and A32NX and checked if it removed all the folders. The Main installation folder is gone in the default install location. But at the next start of MSFS it locked-up during the initial loading. So i went to the community-folder and both FS2CREW folder with its contents where still there causing the MSFS lock-up. Obviously, this should not happen and will cause issues for users not very experienced with trouble shooting...
  5. Still strange things going on... It worked perfectly and i was getting used to it, then i tried to start PBE trough the toolbar and exe.XML error appeared. However, PBE still started, but just followed by the WASM error message. https://ibb.co/Bzd1g7V https://ibb.co/KD1PvQr
  6. Hey guys, im new to FS2CREW and i tought im gonna open this thread, so we "newbies" can ask question to Bryan and the community to assist us. πŸ™‚ As there is no manual/tutorial, i think this is a good way to get help as fast as possible without spreading our questions in different threads, i hope Brian and the mods agree with that idea? So, im making the start: - Am i supposed to still using a separate Checklist? When i strictly follow the Checklist the FO is reading to me, there are missing things that i have to do and that are not mentioned in the "CAPT/PF FLOWS ASSIST", for example the "EMERGENCY LIGHTS - ARM" does not appear anywhere but should be part of the Before-Start Checklist. Also the fuel pumps are not mentioned anywhere but are required to start the engines and should be part of a "startup Checklist" but there is just none. Its also not mentioned in the CAPT/PF FLOWS ASSIST. I assumed, that FS2CREW will include checklists, but it doesnt? So, when i search for a Checklist online, there is the risk of having a different one that FS2CREW is using which can mess up flows. This still leaves me with the question, how are we supposed to use FS2CREW correctly? Thanks for any hints... πŸ™‚
  7. Yes im a new FS2CREW user, i hoped for a short introduction or a manual, but there was none. So i had to figure things out myself, using the assistant menu, but still, i was a bit overwhelmed as i could not really find a "flow" how to use the program. It all seemed to be a bit "messy". I hoped for a bit more streamlined way to get things done that are less confusing and get me to fly using the sowftware. Instead i was sitting on ground figuring things out. Im the guy that reads manuals and wants to understand something before i just jump in. I have a desperate need to "know everything" as soon as possible before i can enjoy something like a program as this. But this clearly did not work out as i was expecting. LOL And yes, i got a bit frustrated as this usually does not happen to me that i tried for hours but in the end i was more figuring things out with windows speech recognition, re-setup Mic levels that worked for everything but for FS2CREW and to get the exe.XML issue fixed and i had not realyl time left to enjoy the program. But however, im thankful you are taking your time to explain things and the philosphy behind FS2CREW and that everything seems to come together. Im starting from scratch now with a fresh mindset and give it another try and hope i can find enjoyment in this tool in the end. πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks! I will look at your suggestions. Im aware it has something to do wint Windows and im nor "blaming" FSD2CREW for that. I just dont like the fact i have to change my perfectly balanced leveled out Mic only for that. But yeah, ill find my way around it. But can you have a look at the "ON" command please? It feels like there coulde be an issue, it just refused to understand that command. But ill give all that another go tonight. Thanks πŸ™‚
  9. Check the Assist panel, there you can see the voice commands to trigger delays, etc.
  10. Thats good to hear, seeing the FENIX in the dropdown-list got me excited πŸ˜…
  11. I did that, i even upped my mic level to 100% from 81%, for Windows, the level is still very low, even if it goes to red in every recording software i use. Can you implement a feature to increase the voice-input volume in FS2Crew? Im using different voice recordings and my mic is perfectly setup for these, im very picky about good voice levels/quality. However, i have to almost scream at FS2Crew to get it my voice recognised. When i check the Windows Speak recognition levely, they are very low, even if im in the red in Logitech Ghub (G Pro X Mic/Headset) and in OBS. Vpilot for VATSIM for example, has the option to adjust level in the software, should be in FS2CREW aswell, as it relies heavily on voice. Also, i did the voice trainigs and still FS2CREW refuses to recognise the word "ON", and all the combinations of it that start with "ON" like "ON AND AUTO" "ON AUTO", etc. Every other comman works fine. No matter how i try to say "ON" it just does not work.
  12. I agree. Or atleast a short manual guiding us trough a full flight. I would call me "tech savy" and im good at figuring things out at my own, but i was really confused yesterday with this software and did not find a manual. Yes, the Assist window is a great way to learn the software, but my very first impression was a bit "meh.." i found it it would be easier for me to just do it all by myself than trying this software to take some workload from me. I guess there is a bit of a learning curve, but new users should get a short guide to know what the software CAN do and what not and what we have to expect. Maybe i just expected something different... The official Intro-video was pretty non-saying, so i just jumped in to see what it is about. My first issues: - Speak recognition in Win10 is a bit**... yes, i found the link to the recommended settings, but still, i needed to do more Win10 configuration than mentioned to get it to work. - FS2CREW is not recognising the very complex voice command "ON"... no matter in what strange ways i try to speak this very complex phrase, it refuses to recognise it... πŸ™‚ The same goes for "ON AND AUTO" and "ON AUTO" and every combination the word "ON" is used first. Somehow, "CHECKED AND SET" is easier to understand for FS2CREW. - Why can i give the command "APU ON" but not "APU BLEED ON"? Makes no sense to me to tell my FO to start the APU but i have to manually avtivate APU Bleed. - Why is there no voice command for "preliminary cockpit preparation"? It is a useful feature to let the FO get electricy to the plane but i dont understand why i have to do that manually by starting the flow? The amount of buttons i have to click to get the flow started, i could just do the preliminary setup mysels... makes no sense to me, or i did not find the correct voice command. - Is there no way that i read the checklist and the FO will push the buttons? That would be great, even if it might not be by the SOP... EDIT, some more things id like to change: - Also, there is a button to make the windows of PBE and A32NX smaller, however, if you push this, it just cuts off the Windows somewhere and it looks horrible. The minimising button should minimise the windows to just a small "Dot" or something, and when we push that, it should go back to its full size. Adding a button just to make it smaller, but it then only gets about a quarter smaller and looks like cut off, is not what i would expect from this button and makes no sense to waste space for a button that just reduces the window by about the same space this button takes. πŸ™‚ - I try to eliminate the use of Keyboar as much as possible in my "cockpit". There should be options to set the button commands to a joystick instead of only keyboard buttons. There really should be a solution for that. Makes no sense to use advanced hardware that is available for Flightsimmers but then we have to use a keyboar when we have dozens of buttons available on our peripherals. Yes, there are ways around it, but it just should be in the soiftware by default. - Im using a 35" 3440x1440 Ultrawide monitor. The panels of PBE and A32NX are VERY small, i can barely read whtat it says on the buttons. We should be able to change the window size of these panels. Im sure there are lots of peoples with way bigger screens and i cant imagine how they would read the stuff. Again, i dont want to be too picky but im a bit more confused to get this software to do what i would like than i should be. A short guide and explanation what i CAN do and CAN NOT do, would be helpful. πŸ™‚ EDIT2: - Somewhere on the Assist panel it showed that one of the Triggers to activate the next phase is "RADAR ON", however, what is "RADAR ON"? Is it "TERR ND ON" or "TCAS TA/RA"`? I dont know about a "RADAR ON" button in A320. These triggers should be more clear and match the actual description of the A320 in the cockpit. Also these trigger-lists should be dynamic and have a checkmark next to them or disappear when the trigger is matched, so i actually know if im missing a trigger or not. I find myself looking at the panel way too much to understand where i am and where i should be.
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