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  1. floydcox

    Flight Plan

    I get a constant "flight plan import failed" regardless of which program to send plan I use. I have tried Pilot2Atc and Littlenavmap but get the same message. Any ideas?
  2. floydcox

    Flight Level

    Thanks Dave.
  3. floydcox

    Flight Level

    When generating an autoplan the programme shoes the desired level on the right hand side but assigns the max level chosen at the departure airport, i.e FL90. However when I take off from a London airport and go to the FL shown the ATC kicks in and tells me to decend to FL40, I am sure this is correct but not sure why the programme is showing FL90 throughout the plan apart from the descent levels which are correct. Have I got a setting wrong for SID's?
  4. floydcox

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    Is it because I use world traffic 3 as ai aircraft in x plane 11? if I use laminar research aircraft I assume it might reappear?
  5. floydcox

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    I used to hear these types of report about a month ago, now nothing other than clearance, taxi and takeoff instructions and radar contact when airborne. I use WT3 and have visible planes that show on the TCAS display on the aircraft GTN750.
  6. floydcox

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    I am not hearing any of the following does any one have any idea why?
  7. floydcox


    Probably a daft question but what is the export path for the FF A320 for fms plans?
  8. floydcox

    huge flight plan

    I have just recently noticed flight plans being generated at enormous lengths, 4239nm form EGLC to EGNX, for example. They look fine in Pilot2ATC on the map but when imported to x plane (550 aircraft using aerobask gtn) the route is a bit weird. Anyone else have this happening?
  9. floydcox

    Guide or steps for ATC procedures

    No problem. thanks Dave.
  10. floydcox

    Guide or steps for ATC procedures

    This is happening to me also since the update, if I switch frequencies manually the only response I get is to be told to tune in to the departure tower even though I am 10 miles from destination airport, I cannot get the usual 'we have you on radar', etc.
  11. floydcox

    FMS plans

    Sorry I should have been clearer, the FMC shows only the departure and destination airports, will try the xplane 10 export as I suspect that this may work with the particular aircraft.
  12. floydcox

    FMS plans

    I notice that although the plan displays properly in pilot2atc with correct nm distance the exported file is 8220nm instead of 122nm.
  13. floydcox

    FMS plans

    Since installing the new version with the altered export plan function, my X Plane 11 fms plans are not readable using the RWDesign A330-300. The plan shows in the FMC but loading only produces a plan with the start and destination waypoints, the airports with Direct in between. Any ideas?
  14. Is there a way to 'clean' up the program, i.e to remove previous trace on the flight plan elevation profile, as it retains the info from previous flights such as dotted line showing acent and decent lines?
  15. floydcox

    Flight Plans Missing

    Just updated GTN and littlenavmap to latest versions and using the dedicated export to GTN function, the route do not show up for import to the GTN. Any ideas anyone?