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  1. Hi, This is my first time posting to this forum. I hope I have posted to the correct section. I have just bought a GoFlight MCP Pro and it is faulty. No response from GoFlight at all, in fact I think they are going out of business and my supplier can only refund me as there is no more in stock anywhere in the world it would seem! Anyway the problem is that the N1 and Speed LEDs don't work and the reason they don't work is because the resistors R36 and R39 are missing! I know they should be there because I can see them in one of GoFlight's production line pictures on their website. Does anyone know what the value of these resistors are? Maybe one of you guys out there have a GoFlight MCP panel open and could have a quick look for me? That would be a great help if you can. The build quality of the latest Go Flight MCPs is absolutely shocking and I have had to return 2 already and I am on my third, but I think I probably have the last new one in the world. I must have been mad spending £500 on this but there are no other options for that price that I know of. If I can just fix this issue myself then I will consider myself lucky. And yes I know if I fix it myself the warranty will be void, but I am not sure that GoFlight are actually in business anymore. Thanks if anyone can help. Mark
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