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  1. Hi all, please can someone help out here - I'm now using WMR and Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR to fly using P3D and after 2 weeks I'm delighted. The res is so good that I can use the instruments completely, from tuning the radio to reading the altimeter subscale - astonishing! Trouble is, although I can go through the pre and post-flight checklists on the helicopter's tablet, I'm having to reach forward so far that it's physically uncomfortable (almost painful!) on my neck. Now it would be just as bad in the real Cabri G2 if I used the on-board tablet, which is why I use a paper checklist in real life. But inside the HP Reverb headset I can't see the paper headset. At this stage I'd like to point out very strongly that this is not a complaint about VR, quite the opposite. But clearly inside the headset I can't see paper checklists or charts without getting neck ache. Please can anyone reveal a solution? I know about FlyInside and would consider buying this. But is it possible to create suitable "views" in P3D? I can create a new window on the flat screen display but it doesn't show up inside the headset. Hope you can help. Brian
  2. Well folks you solved it. Marcus suggestion worked when I next encountered the problem. And when I open the blinds now to let more light in, Patraeus suggestion prevents the problem. Many thanks to both of you. Brian
  3. Thanks Patraeus and Marcus, I'll do what you suggest when I get home. My real desktop is usually quite dim so that my view of the display isn't spoilt by sunlight through the blinds. And I never use the reverb controllers, don't need them for flight sim. There's nothing on my desk, the desk top is plain grey with nothing on it but the monitor; I can well believe that the cameras are struggling to follow my head movements. I'll let you know what happens. Brian
  4. For the last few weeks I've been delighted by my new combination of P3D with HP Reverb headset. Today I flew the helicopter from Hethel to the nearby Tacleneston radio tower and back. In the first few weeks of Reverb I could move around in the cockpit and everything stayed where it should be; I could even poke my head through the right door and look down to the ground beneath over the right skid! Amazing. But on today's flight I could not do this. As I move my head around the cockpit everything else moves around with it, for example when I lean forward to adjust the transponder's squawk code the transponder moves away from me. And, strangely, when I play back the flight using P3D's Analysis, the problem vanishes and I can lean forward to see the instrument panel more clearly. Does anyone have a clue what's happening? All the best, Brian
  5. I'm now into virtual reality with HP Reverb and Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR. Things are OK except I can't find my way around. Things happen that I didn't expect. What I need doesn't happen. Why has that window or thing appeared? How do I get back? What order should I start up the apps needed? Etc etc etc. I'm getting more tangled up in this than I am with the 3m cable. There must be an iinstruction book somewhere but I can't find it. Please can someone help? All the best, Brian
  6. Hi folks, I've just got into VR with HP Reverb, WMR Steam, SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR. When I start up and open P3D and enable SteamVR, glory be there I am with the helicopter and I can look all around. Trouble is my head is above the main rotors! I can't fly like that, for a start I can't engage the clutch and if I could I'd lose my head. Usiing P3d's lower eye-point keystrokes doesn't work. Any ideas? Cheers, Brian
  7. Thanks both. I'll have a look on the PC tomorrow. Just a quick query before I do. Simba_nl, I don't feel easy about the SteamVR plugin that I believe must be available in "the circus". I got it from the Unity Asset Store but haven't seen any evidence that it's there or installed or ready for action. Do you think it's possible that doing something to " enable" the SteamVR plugin - if it's not in that state now - might solve the problem? Cheers, Brian
  8. Please help. I've spent the last week trying to break in my new HP Reverb headset. The good news is the Reverb works perfectly in Hill House. Unfortunately I can't use it for the job it was bought for - flying a helicopter in P3D. I've been using P3D successfully for over a year now but nothing has made it possible for me to fly in the Reverb. Briefly, I've got Windows Mixed Reality working on a monitor and the Reverb, I've installed Steam and SteamVR and I've got the SteamVR plugin as an asset from the Unity Store (whatever that means). So according to web guidance I should be good to go. But this happens: I turn on the PC then Windows Mixed Reality Portal and I'm in Hill House in the Reverb. Then I turn on Steam and SteamVR. Then I turn on P3D and, as expected, see the Virtual Reality option in the menu bar. I click on that, then Enable virtual reality then select SteamVR. Then I get the message "VRInitError_Init_HmdNotFoundPresenceFailed". I've gone all around the houses looking for a solution. Tried forums at P3D, Steam, Unity and Microsoft. No success. So here I am in good old Avsim hoping that you can help me. I can only think of one thing that might be behind this - the SteamVR plugin. It seams to be essential so that P3D can see the Reverb. But although the Unity Asset Store tells me that I own it, I haven't got a clue how to use it or even if it is enabled so that it can do its job. All I know is that after a fruitless week of investigation I still don't know how to see P3D in my headset. Please can anyone help, or guide me towards someone who can? Many thanks, Brian
  9. I had a bad experience last year when my new Lenovo Explorer headset firmly refused to work with my P3D sim. I had to send it back for a refund. Now VR is more mature I'm ready to give it another go and I'm looking seriously at the HP Reverb because of its higher resolution. I'm hoping I'll be able to see detail like the altimeter sub-scale just by leaning forward like I do in the real Cabri G2. But I've seen comments that say although P3D supports WMR well, it needs Steam as well (which I've never used). I'm not sure why I need Steam or what to do to get Steam and then how to use it. Has anyone succeeded in doing what I'm after? And please could someone tell me how to get everything going? Many thanks, Brian
  10. Just to let you know, I've been in touch with MP Design Studio and they say that the cyclic trim on their G2 helicopter model is not functional, it's just "cosmetic". I've come across a key assignment in P3D that is supposed to control Elevator/Aileron Trim (POV) on my joystick. I use the joystick as my helicopter's cyclic so I assigned Elevator/Aileron Trim (POV) to the joystick's hatswitch which would give me exactly what I want. Trouble is, it does not work as expected and has absolutely no effect on the attitude of the helicopter during flight. Any ideas anyone? As an aside, you heli simmers might be interested in something else I learned from MP Design Studio. I've had trouble making their Sony Experian tablet display charts. The reason is that the image resolution they say should be used (1080x1920) is wrong. It should be 1080x720. Please get back if anyone knows what to do about the G2 cyclic trim issue. All the best, Brian
  11. I have this model by MP Design Studio and can't get the trim to work. I'm using P3D and the G2 works well (I fly the real thing privately but do all my prep & post in P3D to save money). Has anyone else looked into this? Cheers, Brian
  12. Thanks kdfw_. I'm happy with that. I'm well used to handling 'the mouse' in flight: it's a touchpad on my handy keyboard and useable with both hands (nearly) always on collective & cyclic. The only other possible problem on my mind is whether the Odyssey+ resolution will let me see the altimeter subscale by leaning forward towards the instrument panel. It would be nice to be able to change from QNH to QFE as I'm on downwind leg without having to zoom in manually on the panel - any thoughts on that? All the best, Brian
  13. I intend to get a Samsung Odyssey+ when it becomes available in the UK. My PC is up to the challange according to Microsoft's on-line tester and I believe this as I have a recent high-spec PC running 3 1920x1080 HDMI displays. I use P3D to fly the same heli I use in real life at Beccles airfield, the Guimbal Cabri G2. One thing that might seem to spoil things with the Odyssey+ is the controllers, I hope that's not the case. Do you ever have to use them whilst in the cockpit? I need physical access to 3 control inputs while flying the helicopter (real or sim), the pedals the cyclic and the collective. The last 2 need both hands most of the time. Unlike fixed wing my helicopter has absolutely no stability when airborn and can't be trimmed for hands-off flight. The collective can be frictioned for a while to free my left hand a bit to handle the chart or radio/transponder/GPS inputs. But there's no way I could manage an Odyssey+ controller in both hands as well! So, do you only have to use the WMR controllers to "get the sim going and turn it off)"? If I had to use them during flight that would make things impossible. All the best, Brian
  14. Thanks again Avidean. What you've said fills in so many gaps. I don't feel free to continue our discussion on gliding here, thread time is like ATC time - valuable for essentials but not chatter. There's lots I'd like to discuss if you're interested. You can reach me on littlewood69@btinternet.com if you want and the admin people let this through. I'll keep this thread open if the people in charge let me in case anyone else has comments. Maybe I'll hear from you again here anyway, hope so. As to your Gold and the licence, what a shame. But doing what you're doing now isn't that far off is it? And it's a word not allowed sight easier than arranging a retrieve after a land out! Cheers, Brian
  15. Many thanks Avidean for all the information - exactly what I hoped for. I'm having great trouble with this thread at the moment so will keep this short, before I lose more attempted messages. Last question: if you bend forward toowards your sim Discuss X instrument panel, is the resolution on the Odyssey good enough to let you read the mB subscale on your altimeter? I'll be in touch when the link looks more reliable.. Regards, Brian
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