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  1. Morishita

    Carenado Sale at FSS

    I really wish I could get past the issues with Carenado aircraft. After flying A2A, my previous CT182T purchase seems like a lack luster attempt. I wish they would stop focusing on a larger fleet and and instead concentrate on making high quality aircraft models and systems. I was tempted to get the P1, but since it is not on sale, looks like I'll be setting this one out. I suspect the Collins PL 21 is probably not close to real world anyway.
  2. Morishita

    P3Dv4 Aircraft Texture / Resolution Loss

    The processor load is more than doubling when the scenario is set to "night" vs "day". The memory consumption is the same on both. No sure what to try next... Here is the same comparison with P3Dv2.x
  3. Morishita

    P3Dv4 Aircraft Texture / Resolution Loss

    I'm driving three Dell S2716DG (2560x1440 @ 144hz) monitors with the single FE 1080 Ti. I agree, it should be no issue for this card. I do have a reasonable clock applied, but nothing excessive. I've noticed something really odd, or at least is seems odd to me. When I have a night scenario loaded, by card goes under a heavy load, the frequency jumps and I can hear the fan kick on. When this happens, I'm doing nothing but looking at the interior pillar in a static position and nothing else. If I change the Time / Season to "day" and come back to the same position the load on the card drops like a rock. Scratching my head for sure now.
  4. Morishita

    P3Dv4 Aircraft Texture / Resolution Loss

    Yep. This card is just a week old and I downloaded the latest drivers directly from NVidia when I installed it. Another thing I've noticed, I'm only seeing the degraded images when I'm flying at night and not during the day.
  5. Morishita

    P3Dv4 Aircraft Texture / Resolution Loss

    Thanks for the suggestion. I had already tried disabling the mipmap vc panels and didn't see a difference.
  6. Morishita

    P3Dv4 Aircraft Texture / Resolution Loss

    Thanks for the suggestions. FXAA was already disabled. Here are my graphics and other settings.
  7. Morishita

    P3Dv4 Aircraft Texture / Resolution Loss

    Thanks for the response. I've already got the Texture Resolution set to Ultra 4096x4096.
  8. I upgraded my rig to P3Dv4 over the weekend and installed several updated add-ons, including a couple of Carenado aircraft. After setup, I noticed the interior of the planes look bitmapped compared to my P3Dv2 installation, and after looking at some exterior shots too, it seems to be across the board. There is some of it in v2 when looking at the outside of the aircraft, but it is more pronounced in v4. I'm running a 4790k with a Nvidia branded FE 1080 Ti and expected a better experience. Am I being too critical? - P3Dv4 - UTX v2.x - UT2 - AS for P3Dv4 - FSUIPC5 - Carenado TBM850 / C182T Sample pics attached, Any ideas on where I should look first? P3Dv2: P3Dv4: P3Dv2: P3Dv4:
  9. Vortex, Thanks for the response. I've been researching this a bit and have come to the same conclusion: the GTX 980 would have to go. I already have two older 24" Dell LCDs and I'm going to hang on to them until I can upgrade both to 27" 2560x1440. In the mean time, I bought a 34" LG 34UC79G-B that runs at 2560x1440 with IPS & 144hz refresh rate for the center. The reviews on the LG seem pretty good overall and the price was right. My plan is now to use the center monitor for flight, the left 24" for instruments and the 24" on the right for procedure charts, weather, etc. This arrangement should keep my FPS from taking a hit trying to drive all three for flight at the same time. Overall this should give me a pretty good upgrade and not empty the wallet.
  10. I'm looking to build a decent flight sim setup for my home office. I've already have the following system and would prefer to not upgrade anything (with the exception of *possibly* the video card): i7-4790 32Gb Ram EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Samsung 850 500Gb SSD Pro Flight Yoke and Throttle/Prop/Mix MFG Crosswind Pedals I have a Volair Sim chassis on the way, but would like to get some monitor recommendations. I don't have a wide open wallet and I'm trying to keep the cost within reason. I'm not a gamer, so I don't want to invest in top of the line gear since this will be used exclusively for P3D. I have been considering a three monitor setup to compliment the Volair chassis, but I’m open to suggestions. My first though was going three wide in 27”, but then I thought about trying to save a little and going 27” in the center and 24” on the sides. So far, I've looked at the following monitors: Qty 3. - Dell P2715Q 27' 4k - Nice monitor, but the response time seems to be 5ms. Qty 3. – Dell U2718Q 27” 4k – Newer release with decent specs and a thin bezel. 5ms response as well. Qty 3. - Acer CB281HK 28" 4k - Lower end monitor with word not allowed speakers (not an issue), but does have decent specs. Also, I'm not opposed to upgrading the video adapter if needed, but it would have to come a bit later. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!