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  1. Thank you once again, vadriver. I have refreshed myself on the procedures and have had several ILS landings successfully. No issues. I think its now fairly obvious that it wasn't a technical problem but an operator error. Thank you for setting me straight 😉
  2. Hi vadriver - thank you again... The answer to your last question in "no". I wasn't aware of this requirement and have never done it. I will need to look up this procedure in more detail and comply. Hopefully this is the culprit. Thank you and cheers,
  3. Thank you vadriver fro your fast response. I will have a search around these forums. In answer to your specific question:- does app mode engage - yes, and so does the loc/app mode same airport / same ils or various - various airports, but intermittently successful or unsuccessful have you checked the frequency of your charts against those of the sim - no, but considering that the app approach is engaged and both the localiser and glide slope are alive, I would say that this is highly unlikely to be an issue. I will double check though... have you set the localiser course on the selector - yes
  4. Hi there, I wasn't sure where to post this, so thought I would start here. I am using FSX SE and PMDG 737NGX. I used to be able to do ILS landings quite routinely, however, lately the following problem has developed... Both localiser and glide slope are alive, and I am on final approach. Suddenly the airplane goes off course, seemingly in a random direction. This does not happen every time, but probably in about half the instances. I don't know whether this is some kind of a known bug or an operator error on my behalf. I would be extraordinarily grateful if someone would suggest either how to fix the problem (if a known technical bug) or what I may be doing wrong procedurally. If I've posted in the wrong forum, please suggest where its best to re-post. Thanking you all in advance.
  5. Thank you ScotFlieger! I will give it a go...
  6. Hi there, I came across the following post, which is now closed and I wasn't able to ask my question in that particular thread..., so starting a new one. Apologies if I am not doing this correctly. I wanted to ask whether the this download package would be usable with a generic human interface, such as Bodnar joysick controller, or whether this is specific to the MCP panel. Many thanks in advance! Alex
  7. Hi there folks, I've stumbled upon this post because it is sort of relevant to what I am trying to grapple with at the moment. Not entirely certain whether I should be starting a new thread, so will ask here. After about three years of gradual evolution I now have a pretty complex and stable environment, which includes FSX, PMDG 737, MCE, ORBX scenery and ORBX complex airports, etc... I run numerous peripheral devices such as Saitek, Goflight MCP and five Leo Bodnar joystick controllers. There are six monitors connected via two GTX cards (960 4GB and 460). All of the above runs off one i7-950 machine with 12GB RAM. Naturally as my knowledge, experience and "sim addiction" have developed over time, the frame rate has been going backwards with each new enhancement. Although the frame rate is quite acceptable at altitudes, it drops to 10 and under on the ground. As much as I hate the thought of rebuilding from scratch, it is probably time to do so 😞 In an endeavour to contain the costs, I have landed on i7 4th generation as seemingly representing good value for money. Currently looking at a machine with i7-4770 and 32GB RAM. Will probably be looking to reuse the two existing GTX video cards that I already have. Would anyone kindly offer me some guidance whether this upgrade would represent a material difference to sim performance. Also, would going for 32GB RAM instead of 16GB provide any discernible benefit? I would hate to spend numerous sleepless nights rebuilding the cockpit and not show a material outcome! Thanking you in advance!
  8. Hi Scott - you are a genius!!! Thank you very much. Just changing device numbers in the config hid file fixed the problem... Once again, many tnx!!!
  9. Hi there folks, I have a similar sounding problem, and hoping someone can help me. I already have 3 fully programmed and fully functioning Bodnar cards. Each one has been individually re-named, e,g, O/H Upper, O/D Lower and EFIS. I have connected a fourth card and have named it Pedestal. Unfortunately when the fourth card is connected, Linda confuses which is which, such that the programming functions end up assigned to the wrong card. I had the same issue when I originally installed the three cards, and the way I got around this problem was by totally reprogramming all of them from scratch. Naturally, this is reasonable effort and a lot of lost time to do this all over again with four cards. Just wondering if there is a way to avoid this? Many thanks in advance for any assistance or tips!!!
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